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Metaphysical meaning of Allon-bacuth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Allon-bacuth (mbd)
Allon-bacuth, al'-lon-bae'-uth (Heb.) --oak of weeping.

The oak tree under which Rebekah's nurse, Deborah, was buried (Gen. 35:8).

Meta. Weeping is an expression of emotion, a negative condition, a letting go throughout the organism. Rebekah's nurse, Deborah (a bee), represents a very active, serving, sustaining soul quality. Her death and burial symbolize a ceasing of the activity of this soul quality in serving and sustaining the outer expression of beauty (Rebekah), and a sinking back into the secret place of the Most High deep within the center of one's being. She was buried below Bethel (house of God, near the heart center in man), under the oak (the protection of Spirit).

Allon-bacuth (oak of weeping) therefore signifies an inner strengthening of the true man, which comes when, in trying to serve, one lets go of outer, personal activities and goes within to the source of all strength and true energy, and rests there in God. When one does this, though the outer man may mourn at first, since one seems to have lost one's personal, mortal hold on strength, yet God works in and through one to will and to do His good pleasure, and one's every thought and act counts for real spiritual good to the whole man.

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