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Metaphysical meaning of Deborah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Deborah (mbd)
Deborah, deb'-o-rah (Heb.)--bee; wasp; a leader of the flock; one of the followers.

a Rebekah's nurse (Gen. 35:8). b A prophetess of Israel who, with Barak, delivered Israel from Sisera and his host (Judg. 4:4-16).

Meta. Deborah means a bee. Bees are noted for their fine sense of discrimination, and for their great activity. Rebekah's nurse Deborah symbolizes a very active, sustaining soul quality. (See ALLON-BACUTH.)

The prophetess Deborah represents judgment based upon spiritual discrimination. There is in every one a fine sense of discrimination, a keener perception than is known to the five senses. When this faculty functions in its native state (under its own palm tree, in connection with wisdom, Lappidoth the husband of Deborah), marvelous results are obtainable. Deborah dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah, between Ramah (height) and Beth-el (house of God), in Mount Ephraim (doubly fruitful).

When the inner intuitive judgment and the directive power in understanding are rightly joined, victory over the enemies of the Children of Israel follows. The Children of Israel represent the real, enduring spiritual thoughts, and the enemies are the material, transitory thoughts. Barak (the executiveness of the will), the general of the armies of Israel, should not go into action without good judgment (Deborah). The only way to overcome the opposition of the adverse thought realm is to understand the law and to keep constantly unified with judgment based upon inner discrimination. This is represented by Deborah's accompanying Barak to battle. (See BARAK.) The victory belongs to the intuitive judgment, and not to the will,

In mixed states of consciousness, where to appearances error is strongest, it is by following the intuitive leadings of Spirit that the way to the light is opened. When we are confronted with a problem the very first thing to be done is to consult our inner discrimination or guidance. We also must affirm that this intuitional faculty is functioning in its native state in perfect unison with infinite wisdom. But this is not enough; we must insist that this same discerning spirit of divine wisdom accompany us every step of the way. When we first receive a spiritual inspiration as to how to meet a situation, we often feel assured of our ability to succeed. However, as the matter progresses, certain aspects change and new aspects develop. We must be in conscious contact with wise discrimination at every step of the way that we may attain complete success.

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