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Metaphysical meaning of Almodad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Almodad (mbd)
Almodad, al-mo'-dad (Heb.)--incommensurate; immeasurable; measure of God; agitated; the agitator.

Son of Joktan, who was descended from Shem, son of Noah (Gen. 10:26).

Meta. A certain discernment of the boundless possibilities that are open to man if he makes practical application of Truth (immeasurable, measure of God). This understanding, however, proves to be a disturbing element (agitated) in the consciousness because it is not definite enough or held strongly enough to bring about the real change of mind that is necessary to establish peace and order and to bring forth spiritual fruit. (Almodad was the ancestor of an Arabian tribe, and Arabians represent unsettled, wandering, unproductive thoughts in man.)

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