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Metaphysical meaning of Ahio (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ahio (mbd)
Ahio, a-hI'-o (Heb.)--brotherly; his brother.

a Son of Abinadab (II Sam. 6:3, 4). b Two Benjamites (I Chron. 8:14, 31).

Meta. A comprehension of the close relationship that exists between God and the true self of man. Man attains this understanding by going up in his thoughts (praying) and communing with Spirit. (See ABINADAB, father of Ahio, who lived in the "hill" and represents the superconscious mind in the individual.) Understanding of the close relationship that exists between the superconscious mind and the man himself must engender a kindly, compassionate spirit, which aids in removing the Ark of the Covenant from Abinadab's home in the hill to the city of David--from the superconsciousness in the top head to the heart center--that all Israel (the religious and spiritual thoughts and states of consciousness in man) may be blessed.

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