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Metaphysical meaning of Adoni-bezek (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Adoni-bezek (mbd)
Adoni-bezek, a-don'-;-be'-zek (Heb.)--lord of Bezek; lord of lightning.

A heathen king of the Canaanites and Perizzites. He was captured by Judah and his kingdom was overthrown (Judg. 1:5-7)

Meta. Bezek means lightning. Lightning is a force that gathers and then explodes and dissipates its energy, because it is not in harmony with universal equilibrium. This illustrates well the mind of the individual who believes himself to be an independent and unrelated creation. When this kind of thought is allowed full sway in man's consciousness, man becomes so egotistical and self-opinionated that he destroys himself. Thus error is its own destruction.

Adoni-bezek represents the ruling ego of this force in consciousness, which is symbolized by lightning. In its original purity this force is good, but, by its being used in sense instead of in spiritual ways, many of the natural forces of the organism that had not been lifted to true understanding have been bereft by this ruling sense thought (Adoni-bezek) of the power or executive ability (thumbs) and understanding (great toes) wherewith they had been endowed by nature to carry on their activities in the organism. In fact, a complete reversal of the right uses of the natural forces of the individual takes place, as is evidenced by the number of kings (seventy) that Adoni-bezek rendered incapable of any real service by cutting off their thumbs and their great toes. He allowed them only such food as they could gather under his table (could glean from his darkened understanding and from whatever energy might be left after he had wasted all that he desired to waste).

Adoni-bezek in turn had his own thumbs and great toes cut off (his darkened and adverse understanding and his executive power were taken away from him). He was taken to Jerusalem, where he died. This means that by praise (Judah) the error use of the force that Adoni-bezek represents is put away, and the thoughts about it are changed by the declaration that it is spiritual and not material. Then the force itself is transmuted, and its expression is lifted to a higher activity, one in harmony with the law of man's true being. Thus conservation is established in consciousness, instead of waste and dissipation, and conservation leads to life eternal.

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