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Metaphysical meaning of Achbor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Achbor (mbd)
Achbor, ach'-bôr (Heb.)--a mouse; .gnawing mouse; a rat. a Father of Baal-hanan, a king of Edom (Gen. 36:38). b A son of Micaiah, an Israelite. He was sent by Josiah, king of Judah, to inquire of Jehovah concerning the words of the book of the law that had been found (II Kings 22:12). In II Chronicles 34:20 he is called Abdon the son of Micah.

Meta. The Edomites were descended from Esau (hairy), who represents the body, or physical vigor. The Edomites therefore represent thoughts pertaining to the outer body consciousness. Achbor represents a gnawing, fretting, destructive belief in evil, in the human consciousness, a belief that tends to weaken and to tear down the body (mouse, rat, gnawing) . Rats and mice represent a belief that evil is working underhandedly against one.

The Achbor of II Kings 22:12 represents in consciousness a thought of spiritual service sent by the king (will) to search out the Truth. This Achbor is also called Abdon, and one meaning of Abdon is a servant.

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