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Metaphysical meaning of Micaiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Micaiah (mbd)
Micaiah, mi-ca'-iah (Heb.)--who is like Jah?; who can assimilate Jah?

Son of Imlah, a true prophet of God in the days of Ahab, king of Israel, and Jehoshaphat, king of Judah (I Kings 22:8).

Meta. The prophetic phase of man's higher consciousness, which perceives that the powers of Being are active in and through man, and foresees the end of all error activities in him even though for the time being the individual will is seemingly engaged in promoting these error activities. It also knows the futility of the personal will's trying in its own power to put away the inharmonious results of its idolatrous deeds. (Micaiah told the wicked King Ahab of Israel what the outcome would be if he went up to fight against the king of Syria.)

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