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Metaphysical meaning of Abinoam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abinoam (mbd)
Abinoam, a-bin'-o-am (Heb.)--father of pleasantness; father of delight; father of graciousness.

An Israelite, of the tribe of Naphtali, and father of Barak the judge, who, with Deborah the prophetess, delivered Israel (Judg. 4: 6 ; 5: 1).

Meta. The strength (Naphtali) of beautiful, pleasant, gracious thoughts, whose true origin is God--Divine Mind (father of pleasantness, father of graciousness, father of delight).

This name seems to suggest the thought that delight, pleasantness, sweetness, and beauty are the result of giving oneself over to the expression of sense in the physical. This is a mistake that mortal man has always made, but he must rise to the understanding that all real joy and grace come from Spirit and are the result of high, pure, spiritual thinking.

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