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Metaphysical meaning of Barak (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Barak (mbd)
Barak, ba'-rak (Heb.)--lightning flash; lightning; a thunderbolt; a flaming sword; a glittering sword; a gem.

Son of Abinoam; he was called of God, through Deborah the prophetess, to deliver Israel (Judg. 4:6-16).

Meta. The fiery executiveness of an active will (lightning; the man who executed Deborah's command to deliver Israel) . In an untrained state it leads men into all sorts of involved conditions. When we meet with apparent failure, it is not owing to the fact that the task is too great but because we do not go at the work in the right way. When Barak was assigned the task of gaining a victory over the warlike hosts of Sisera, he refused to go unless Deborah accompanied him. Herein is hinted the first secret of success: The method used, or the manner in which we approach a situation, largely determines our success or failure. (See DEBORAH.)

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