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Metaphysical meaning of Abdeel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Abdeel (mbd)
Abdeel, ab'-de-el (Heb.)--servant of God.

Father of Shelemiah, who was one of those whom the king of Judah, Jehoiakim, sent to take Jeremiah after he (the king) had burned the roll that contained the law of God (Jer. 36:26).

Meta. A thought of service to God (servant of God), but dominated by the ignorant, disbelieving will (Jehoiakim, the king). Jehoiakim, the king (the will). has the capacity to establish God in consciousness, since the name Jehoiakim means whom Jehovah hath set up, Jah establishes, and the will in man has the power to accept or to reject Truth. Jehoiakim, however, represents a ruling state of mind that does not reverence or obey the higher law and is not receptive to new ideas; therefore Abdeel signifies a thought of service to God that is in bondage to old established religious ideas that persecute man's inner spiritual faith and discernment (the prophet Jeremiah). Jeremiah also signifies the exalted state of thought that connects us with Divine Mind and demands that all our religious thoughts (Israelites) be faithful in observance of divine law.

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