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4. Mind-Body Energy

Mind-Body Energy

We explore two faculties in this session on Mind-Body Energy:

  1. Life, which is the faculty of movement, vitality, wholeness, and creativity. It is the expression of the pure, eternal life of God within us.
  2. Renunciation, a letting go of old thoughts in order that new thoughts may find place in consciousness.

The message of this session is that we already have plenty of energy. The problem is that we too-often dissipate our energy, either by constraining it with unhealthy thinking (as demonstrated in the Bradshaw tape) or by diffusing it indiscriminate discharge (as explained by Charles Fillmore). We have unlimited mind-body energy. After watching the Bradshaw tape we discuss how we can activate the power of renunciation through the use of denials and burnings to eliminate thinking that no longer serves our best interest and unclogs the flow of unbridled mind-body energy.

Three resources were shared:

  • A seven minute clip from session three of the John Bradshaw PBS television series On The Family.
  • We distributed and discussed the Harvard Business Review article Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.
  • An excellent presentation file floating on the web called Rinnovar, based on the Principle of Emptiness by Joseph Newton. I like the presentation file better, but a video with different music is below.