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3. Creativity

We explore two powers in our session on creativity:

  1. The power of imagination, which enables us to turn an idea into a form in consciousness.
  2. The power of faith, which is our capacity to perceive the perfect world of Spirit.

The second lesson we learn from quantum physics is that the universe behaves paradoxically. Unfortunately, our minds are not comfortable with paradoxical situations because they have developed to think in binary fashion. We are not comfortable with the ambiguity of unresolved situations and we too often settle for win-lose compromise or less-than-elegant solutions in order to obtain a quick fix and to resolve our anxiety.

This session explores how the power of Faith equips us to remain open to the perfect solution to every need in Spirit. By faith, we are able to achieve the true, elegant solution.

Two videos are available. The first presents Esref Armagan, a turkish artist who paints even though he has never had sight. The video demonstrates that imagination is powered by divine idea, not by sight.

The second video is first of a seven part Nova television series called The Elegant Universe. We are able to see the active power of Faith in quantum physicists in their work to understand the universe.