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1. Conscious Awakening

Conscious Awakening

Metaphysical Skills is designed to bring into alignment two lenses through which we perceive the world:

  1. Our world view, which is presently in transition from an outdated model based on medieval thinking to a new view based on discoveries of quantum physics
  2. Our internal consciousness, based on the model of The Twelve Powers.

This session addresses how difficult it is to transition from an older world view to a newer world view when we are not clear about how our internal consciousness works. The task is similar to adjusting the two lenses of a telescope so that they come into alignment. The session sets an intention for Metaphysical Skills to "map" or "align" the messages we get about the world, based on quantum physics, to our understanding of how our minds are internally functioning. Our goal in doing this is conscious awakening.

We watch and discuss the following video.