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8. Compassion


We watched clips from three movies about the integration of the masculine and feminine. These three clips are from the perspective of the intellect, the heart and body.

(1) Helen Fisher: The science of love, and the future of women

Clips from this TED video show Helen Fisher describe the two great trends of today: the movement of women into the workplace and the emergence of marriage based on equality. Portions of the talk about romantic love and the three brain functions (lust, marriage and attachment) are omitted in what is shown in class, but they are in the video below and they are very interesting.

(2) Matter of Heart: The Extraordinary Journey of C.G. Jung into the soul of man

Since this is a copyrighted video, I am unable to share the clip on this website. In class, I have used portions of chapter 6 in this video to show how profoundly impacted we are when we fail to integrate gender differences (anima for men, animus for women) and how this results in continued projection of needs onto persons of the opposite sex (called transference in Jungian terminology). The movie highlights how the even the world's most psychologically mature people are unable to overcome projection when they have not yet integrated their masculine and feminine nature and how by work with the unconscious it is possible to do so.

(3) Mark Whitwell on Male/Female Balance

Mark Whitwell explains how we can achieve union of our masculine and feminine nature from the practice of yoga.