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6. Confidence


We explore two faculties in this session on Confidence:

  1. Understanding is the faculty by which we receive enlightenment and insight. It is our capacity to gain direct perceptions of Truth. It is our faculty of spiritual intelligence.
  2. Will, the faculty for decision making, the executive faculty of mind.

The message of this session is that confidence is expressed when we are situated on a firm foundation and that foundation, in Unity, is known as Truth. Truth enters our consciousness through the faculty of Understanding. Truth is the most precious of all things; as Jesus said, “the Truth shall set you free.” Truth alone, however, does not result in confidence. The fifth Unity principle reads, “Knowing and understanding the laws of life – also called truth – are not enough. A person must also live the Truth that he or she knows.” It is the Will that must chose to “live the Truth.” That is why, in Unity, the Will is always yoked to Understanding. When they are yoked, we are confident.

We watched the Jill Bolte Taylor talk from Ted. This shows what happens when analytical left brain suddenly gives way to intuitive, right brain:

For those who want a better understanding of Quantum Knowing, see this clip from The Holographic Universe:

Finally, if you want to see a New Thought leader describe the relation of intuition and will, see Judith Orloff: