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The Prayer for Protection (Efik)

Prayer for Protection (Efik)
Efik translation of the Prayer for Protection

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Akam Ukpeme by Okon O. Ebong

Unwana Abasi akanare mi okuk;
Ima Abasi afat mi akama;
Odudu Abasi edi otu-ekon, mi;
Iso Abasi etiq enyin ekpeme mi.
Ebiet ededi ndude, Abasi do!

Unwana Abasi akanare fi okuk;
Ima Abasi afat fi akama;
Odudu Abasi edi otu-ekon, fo;
Iso Abasi etiq enyin ekpeme fi.
Ebiet ededi odude, Abasi do!

Unwana Abasi akanare nnyin okuk;
Ima Abasi afat nnyin akama;
Odudu Abasi edi otu-ekon, nnyin;
Iso Abasi etiq enyin ekpeme nnyin.
Ebiet ededi idude, Abasi do!


In October 2001 Rev. Okon Ebong — Minister/Director of the Community Spiritual Renewal Center in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria, West Africa — sent to Silent Unity in Missouri a translation into Efik of James Dillet Freeman's Prayer for Protection. Efik is one of Nigeria's languages, used in the south of the country. Rev. Okon wrote,

Rev. Okon O. Ebong
Rev. Okon O. Ebong

Greetings and blessings of peace, Love, Faith and Trust in the one mind of God through Christ!

When we are moved into a need, we cannot but try our best as The Spirit moves us. But on completion we have the joy and satisfaction that come to us of God.

I am glad to forward to you this Efik translated wonderful prayer: — The Prayer for Protection by James Dillet Freeman. (Efik Language is one of Nigeria's Languages used in the South-South.).

I know you will be happy to learn that many who are now using it here are receiving the benefits of this prayer in their native tongue.

Thank you for your prayers for and with me in this project. Blessings as I remain one with you in The Sacred Work.

Of: Our Father; In The Heaven.

Rev. Okon O. ebong
Community Spiritual Renewal Centre
1st Vice President Unity Church Nigeria (UCN).