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La prière de la foi

The Prayer of Faith in French

Hello to my friend French-speaking friend -

It is by the guidance of Spirit that you are here. It is my hope that you will find here something that blesses you with inspiration. Voici les textes et les ressources qui sont disponibles en français.

The poem you see to the right was the favorite of Myrtle Fillmore, who began a great work with her husband Charles some 120 years ago. It is a simple poem. But it contains a Truth that we need to know, that God walks with you this day, this moment, and that there is no time or place where God does not hold and care for you.

To the right you will find a few books in French. Although they were written in English and they come from another country and perhaps a culture with peculiar ways, know that the Truth they contain goes beyond culture and country. We are one people, loved and cared for by the Spirit of God. May their cultural peculiarities fade away and may their Truth bring blessings to you.

- Mark Hicks