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The word understanding is often misunderstood. To understand is to stand under that which you believe and support with your thoughts and energy. You lend this support until that which you believe is able to stand alone. We need to get under the blanket of thought and uncover our thinking so we can support it unhampered.

A path is a route we follow which carries us along the shortest distance to our desired destination. Let us travel this path to understanding together and gather what insight we find along the journey.

The eternal path is the path we walk together in thought and prayer. It is in this realm we enjoy oneness, and there can be no separation. Soul is the accumulated thoughts and feelings of our many lifetimes of sharing. Soul is the tape recorder of the universe that receives, records, transmits, and plays back the knowledge of all previous incarnations. Through the action of mind, the body becomes a reactor to the impulses of thought vibrations. Upon the tape of memory is told the endless story of man’s walk through eternity.

This book contains material that might appear controversial to the consciously unaware or those reluctant to let go of the bind of tradition. It may have a revolutionary approach to life, but life is revolutionary. Man must come into recognition that the old ways must be overthrown so freedom can reign. Freedom comes through growth and understanding. Many lifetimes are required for men to learn lessons and adjust mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Reincarnation is God’s method of allowing man to work out his salvation. Man moves through many bodies, male and female, wears many colors, and is labeled with nationalities. In the final analysis he will know there is only ONE!

We are on this path to build consciousness. Now is the time for a revival in consciousness so the warring can be eliminated in the body and revival expanded into our world. The armies of fear, disease, sin, death, and poverty march like mighty warriors until a consciousness of love comes forth to claim her victory. The time has come for the triumphal entry of love into the city of peace.

I will travel as your guide through the pages of this book. I go as the first person, introducing you to personalities the soul has remembered. Together we travel, yet free to make our own evaluation. At the close of the journey we will discover what we are today is a composite of many lives. This is the law of expansion at work; each lifetime brings greater depth to the soul nature.

If there are questions, this is good. A mind in search will find answers. As the covers are closed you may know a new you. Disturbing habits that have plagued you may find clarification. The Infinite reveals herself to each of us in her own unique way. Understand this is my revelation, yours will be distinctive to your own soul development. Walk the path of life with me in prayer and understanding that we might be one with each other and one with our God in eternal love. Rest in the realization that time is telling her story, and you are a part of it. Move with life; stop resisting, for the currents of love are moving through the universe to heal, bless, restore, and prosper all mankind. May God grant you, each one, the good desires of your heart. I am your friend; you are my brother.


© 1972, by Richard Dale Billings
All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission.