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My Soul Remembers—GLOSSARY

Yes, the road we have traveled has been long, at times the incline steep: through the desert of emptiness with its haunting beauty into the valleys of forgetting, we have risen to the mountain of realization.

The miles have been like footprints in sand, lost in the eternal motion of change, swept by the winds of imagination and challenged by the nothingness of time.

The soul has migrated to different lands seeking experience.

Personality has spoken in different tongues.

Yes, the road is a long road.

Once more, we stand on the threshold of eternity—waiting, asking, praying.

Once again, the eyes are dimmed by human tears as the search for understanding sets the soul to flight on another journey.

Even the soul is shaken by the selfish motives of man and is hesitant to be committed to living again in the body.

Yes, even in our time with all our knowing, people still live in a world removed from truth. Introspection tells us we must return.

We must free the world from its bondage to lies through the reformation of thought.

Lies live in cowards, who are tortured and tormented by the fear of exposure.

Exposure is freedom!


Tears, yes, they still flow from the hungry hearts of men and women.

In the frantic search for an abiding love, we have let passion with its unhappiness drive her wedge of ugliness into the path

of love.

Within the tear-drop is contained the cleansing fluid of the soul.

Be not ashamed of your tears, they spring from the wells of joy.

Tears are as molten substance flowing from the volcano of the soul as it sets the emotions free.

Tears erupt as cleansing, leaving a fertile bed for renewed understanding.


Grief is the failure to recognize the eternal.

Grief stands as a ghost in man’s life and robs him of joy. Grief remains a problem child until disciplined and instructed.

Let not the icy fingers of grief clutch you but warm them with your own love.


The scale of life is balanced by equal portions of love as the intellect (male) and feeling (female) join in marriage.

Love has been in bondage to race consciousness and sat at the table of the senses feeding lavishly, only to feel a gnawing starvation within.

The physical appetite is a cannibal that eats of itself.

Yes, the body, finding little satisfaction with a temporal supply, cries for food.

Man’s real hunger is a soul-hunger—a hunger to share, a hunger to love, a hunger for truth.

Only by truth will we be fed and nourished with her infinite supply.

Day by day, life is teaching her lessons in the classroom of experience.

More and more is being revealed, can you hear?


We must learn to trust in love.

In viewing her through the prism of life, we see the many facets of expression.

Love will produce the good you are seeking, for her desire is to fulfill herself.

God is love, and love demands order.

Order obliterates confusion and puts man on a stable foundation supported by love.

Love is writing her lessons on the tablets of time and engraving on the consciousness of man the eternal truth of his being.

Do you feel love as she writes?

Can you accept love’s message?

Love will direct us into a new dimension of thought.

Here the soul will receive revelation.

Together, let us kneel at the table of communion and absorb truth.

Let us take truth into our being and appropriate her into the living temple as life, joy, wholeness, abundance, and love.


Is a man a Negro because he wears a somber garmet?

Is not the life in him the same life you and I feel as the animation of our bodies?

Does not his heart beat with the same love that keeps ours in motion?

Is he not the image of God?

Is he not like God in all ways?

Do flowers show prejudice in their growing?

Does the red rose turn from the yellow blossom?

Color disturbs man, but God is not concerned.

For God, Love, is no respecter of persons, but God causes the sun to shine on the just and the unjust.

Let us not trouble our thoughts with color but concern ourselves with God’s ideas.

As we look into the many faces, let us recognize God—God in unique expressions.

Is a man foreign because he was born in another area of the world?

Location does not make man an alien.

Do you not believe we are one with God?

If we are one with God then we are one with all creation.

If we do not believe this then we build a wall of separation that must fall inevitably.


Possessions, what are they?

A price paid for impressions. Has the generous giver of life made you proud or grateful?

Have possessions brought you happiness or are you in bondage to their safety?

Accept them for their use but do not cling to them for they will return your bondage.

Cling not to that which you must leave but instead build a richness of spirit.

Credentials for heaven are in consciousness.


Vanity is the peacock of the ego, spreading pride in a display of self-gratification. Vanity walks in arrogance with a haughty stride.

Vanity, admired for short periods, becomes weary with over-indulgence.

Vanity is an injection of fear shot into the veins of human pride.

Vanity is a child of indifference lost in the world of make-believe.

Paul in writing to the Philippians said in Chapter 2, verse 3: “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.”


Love, why do we question her?

Love gives herself without question. It is only we who do not recognize her.

Love’s message pours through man as a powerful influence.

The energy generated requires careful direction, or love becomes an explosive power to destroy.

Hate is the reverse action of this all-powerful faculty.

Hate is a child of confusion, a belief that needs lifting.

Hate is unredeemed love.

Human love travels the path of extremes and when blinded by foolishness becomes a clown of deception.

Love will lift our world.

Love will transform our world.

Love will balance our world on the axis of harmony with all life.

Love makes no harsh demands or complicated requests upon what it loves but loves — for this is its sole purpose.

Rest your head and heart in the bosom of love.

Love will give you comfort, and in her you will find peace.

Love has washed you in the rivers of understanding.

Love has dried you with her own warmth.

Love has washed away the hurts with her tears as they flowed with your own.

Love has sat with you in sadness, saying, “Come into the light of love and into the sunshine of gladness.”

Love has opened doors which only her keys will unlock.

Let us ask forgiveness for the times we have flaunted her only to see her mutilated by some person afraid of love’s honest approach.

Yes, my soul remembers love, and the moment of truth is a fearful moment for one not equipped to meet it.

Love moves in the arena of life, ready for the game of living.

Love accepts the challenge of growing.

Love is a precious gift.

Lovers seek counsel in courting love’s way.

Love, as Jesus explained, does not cast self before the swine of human thought with man’s tendency for indulgence.

Love moves through the corridors of time as a gracious witness to all humanity.

Love requires no analytical reasoning, for love is her own reason.

Love’s shy partner is loneliness.

Loneliness is the understudy in the unfolding drama of the soul.

The wardrobe of loneliness is shrouded by mystery, and loneliness lives in the tattered garment of anticipation.

Fear is her seamstress.

Loneliness is the ill-fitted garment which only love can adjust.

Emerge through the curtains of loneliness and step into the role God created you to play!

Laugh with the world!

Sing with her choir!

Drink in her beauty!

Free yourself from the long shadow that fear casts.

Take courage!

Make the first step and watch the shadows disappear as you stand in the great light of truth.


Money is a gambler’s dream, a poor man’s vision, a fool’s price but a wise man’s obedient servant.

For many, money is their God, and the procurement of it will substantiate this.

Be not a slave to money or its uses.

Let money be your faithful servant sent forth to bring back dividends of joy, peace, happiness, and love.

Money seals a legitimate transaction.

Money serves as a medium of exchange and is nothing more than a highly evolved barter system.

Money is not security and cannot buy security.

Money will make no guarantees.

Money is putty in the hands of unscrupulous manipulators.

Money rejoices in the hands of wisdom.

Security is in the consciousness not in the possession of things or the accumulation of substance.

Do you believe it?

Can you accept it?

Is it easy?

No, it is not easy.

How well my soul remembers it was not easy.



Think for yourself.

Let not the world with her cheap glitter, false glamour, and large scale promotions tempt you.

The world is a clever salesman living on commission.

The world is persuasive in all ways.

Be of good courage. You, too, can overcome the world.

Let not her trickery fool you or beat you with her treachery.

Man is a transmitter for the All-knowing Mind of the universe.

Keep all wave lengths clear so knowledge can be received without offensive static.

We are the sons of God, set for fine tuning.

Follow not man’s reading of the stars but follow your own star of illumination that shines eternal within you.

Follow this eternal light.

Illumination is a true guide and will lead you to the manger of love.

In the stable of quietness, the Christ will find birth within your mind.

Bring your gifts.

Bring yourself.

This is the gift He seeks.

Jesus had His star, but He claimed Himself to be “The light of the world,” not that which shone outside self.

You are the light of your world, and you will not walk in darkness if you let your light shine.

Let it be a guide on your path.

Yes, friend, let your light shine.

Let it shine on the path of another until his own light is bright enough to show the way.


Reincarnation is a spiritual annuity.

Reincarnation deposits man into the bank of life as God’s investment.

Man is given the tools of thought and feeling to shape and mold the dividends and in order to receive the highest good from this investment, God continues to reinvest Himself in man through the process known as reincarnation.

Soul makes her consent to withdraw her deposit and does so until such time she feels the need to circulate as usable substance.

Reincarnation allows man all the time he needs to make a personal encounter with God — that real self, the self of us that God became in order to build a kingdom in which His ideas of goodness would become a reality.

This book presents a soul journey.

You may discover a journey you, too, have taken.

Let it stimulate your thinking.

“Awake thou that sleepest,” awake!

Your time has come for the realization of self.

Yes, I am traveling with you, beside you, and prayerfully supporting you on the flight in time and space.

Step by step, we are launching out into the deep, opening the sails of our minds to the winds of revelation.

Together, let us cast our nets into the sea of understanding and bring forth ideas of fulfillment.

All in all, it has been a pleasant journey with God as our agent.

The journey is exciting, and it is what you make it.

Plan your trip with a reliable company — the company of God.

Yes, as my soul has remembered, so must yours, and in this remembrance your questions will find answers.

© 1972, by Richard Dale Billings
All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission.