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My Soul Remembers—8—MY WORLD NOW

You ask about my world now?

I tell you, it is made up of memories of .the past.

I am a composite of all the lives I have ever lived.

You have asked about a world.

There is no world.

There is only God.

We are part of His plan, possessing nothing yet, in trying to claim it, losing our way.

Man has a tendency to put labels on things and is involved in semantic confusion.

What about me today?

I can tell you, but I will not tell all.

What we look upon is only the reflection of our own thoughts. Time in her progressive movement changes even that.

Life is the mirror of the universe reflecting the patterns man holds for himself.

True, we are hesitant to give up our bodies for fear we shall lose identity.

Identity is only found when we are no longer submerged in personality and confused by the complex information revealed by the senses.

One day we shall know ourselves for what we are — indestructible spirit substance.

We shall know we are the temple of the living God and that we are eternal in the heavens, that ours is a temple not made with hands.

We are reminded of this in Corinthians 5:1: “For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building from God, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.”

Just as Jesus prayed in Gethsemane alone, deserted by weary disciples; we must go apart from the body in order to live.

The body serves as a prison where man is held until he proves his freedom.

We live in a body to learn order and gain spiritual momentum for new experiences.

Through experience and our natural resources we prove the validity of universal principle.

Again, you question me regarding my life now.

As I said, dare I tell you?

Could you understand, and would you be able to accept the truth as I know it?

There are some things the world is not ready for, but preparation is being made.

She must receive the truth or meet her destruction.

You have listened to race consciousness so long that you are mesmerized by it.

Your thinking is colored by what you see and influenced by what you hear.

You ask me regarding my struggles and success.

I have had both in varying degrees.

I wonder at times why it is so important to concern ourselves with our struggles when we have reached the pinnacle of success.

Is it not true that our struggles drove us toward perfect unfoldment?

Success is a word, a term and bears personal interpretation.

Success cannot be measured by another man’s life but by your own spiritual yardstick.

Success is only a successive group of events that give one outer security, often depriving the soul of any great growth.

True success is built into consciousness and bears an outer security by its own efforts.

Consciousness is a stable foundation on which to build enduring success, for it is in consciousness that success is maintained and sustained.

I keep remembering all the things that have happened to me have been for my total understanding.

God knows this is a lesson far too difficult for the average wayfarer.

This requires a mental integrity beyond human effort.

Finally, I know that as God injects His life in me I become an animated being, expressing all that He is and all He would have me express in His world.

Man through the process of reincarnation has had the opportunity to increase and multiply his good through understanding of the righteous use of Infinite Law.

For some of us, the search goes on halfheartedly; for others, it is a serious business.

We all have our moments.

In our present generation, many barriers are being lifted, and walls of prejudice are falling.

Yes, the walls are crumbling, just as Jericho had to fall in order to be built up again.

I see it.

Yes, dear ones, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Do you not see it?

Life has taught me certain freedoms, yet she has put me in bondage to things I have yet to learn, in the process of realizing wholeness.

Much of my growth has been withheld be-because society has a set of formulas to live by, and I cannot conform, nor will I.

The truth must be known: the shell must be broken.

Man is caught in a web woven by his own thinking.

Man is confused by sex, survival, and a personal ego in trying to be king.

When King Ego rules the body, man is bound for destruction.

The armies of envy, jealousy, greed, pride, and arrogance move in to take over, and the King is dethroned.

May I ask you?

Is a man a man because he wears a body so interpreted as such?

If you cannot answer this, then you do not know the truth and must seek further understanding.

We are neither male nor female, but made in the image of love. We bear the likeness of love in all ways.

Is not the body a disguise for the soul?

Is not the flesh a mask that hides the real man?

Man is a perfect idea in the process of realization.

Few of us have ever seen man; we have only seen the garment he wears.

We are unable to get past the wall of flesh, for we have become enmeshed in it.

We must see man as he was created or wars will continue to plague our world, and destruction will come.

Jesus spoke a great truth yet to be understood, when He said, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.” (John 14:9)

John referred to the man Jesus but emphasized the reflected glory that came through His teachings.

In fact, Jesus found it necessary to go away in order for man to find himself and the Father.

The man Jesus did not want to stand in the way of man’s coming into conscious awareness of his own divinity.

The Christ cannot be seen until personality is converted to light and love.

There is a new teacher in our land today.

It is the spirit of truth revealing itself to all receptive minds eager and ready for its message.

© 1972, by Richard Dale Billings
All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission.