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Imelda Shanklin: Traveler's Hymn

I praise thy presence, O God.

The joy of thy presence within heals me.

The joy of thy companionship within and without makes me glad, through and through.

The air speaks to my ears; it is as thy whisper. I am filled with joy at the sound of thy voice.

In the stillness of the night, when the world sleeps, I hear thy voice again, and I rejoice in thy steadfastness.

The windflower smiles at me through the faint warmth of spring. Thy face looks through its face. I laugh in the happiness of thy approval. When I laugh, I hear the ripple of thy voice within my own; the sound of it increases my joy.

If I pray upon the mountain peak, thy words blend with mine. My prayer is established, and I exult in heart.

In the stillness I feel thee moving softly in my soul. Then I keep quiet, that I do not drive thee into retreat.

When I inhabit the solitudes, thou art by my side. When I travel the thronged places, thou art by my side. I am jubilant in thy company.

The stars light my path by night, the sun by day. Their radiance is the effulgence of thy countenance, and I sing in the ecstasy of my rapture that thou art always looking upon me.

At noonday I rest in the shelter of thy presence. When I walk thy feet keep step with my feet.

When storms sweep the landscape thy lightnings show me where to set my foot. Thy thunders speak thrillingly to me.

Because thou art my companion the hoar frosts spread jewels and the dews emblazon rainbows about me.

I go rejoicingly forward, for thou art my future and my past.