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Imelda Shanklin: Communion

I will tell Thee all my thoughts. I will speak face to face with thee, as friend to friend.

My most secret desires I will declare freely to Thee. I will even search within myself, that I may find and present to thee whatever the depths of my heart may treasure. This will I do, that my soul may be made all clean.

I will listen for Thy words to me, as the flower roots listen for the spring rain.

Thy voice is as the music of a starlit night to my hearing. It is the song of the warm south wind in the fragrant pines. It is the cooing of the babe to its mother's smile.

Thy voice is as the voice of the robin when his long northward flight is ended and he sings from the high bough of the maple tree at the red sunrise.

I will send my mind to Thee, running to meet thee, to learn what I may do in obedience to thy thought for me.

Thy speech is to me such joy as never poet knew or harpist felt. My soul is rapt in an ecstasy of devotion at Thy most casual word.

The voice of the beloved in the ears of the lover is not so sweet as Thy whisper to me, when in the stillness of mortality thy understanding reaches my understanding.

Long have we spoken, the one to the other. From that bright morn in which time was given birth, to this present moment, my words have flown to Thee, thy words to me.

My thoughts melt into Thy thoughts, and peace possesses me as the air possesses space.

I know Thy heart and thou knowest mine; not two hearts, but one.