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A great many passages in this book testify to Charles Fillmore's persistent interest in what is popularly called atomic energy and the promise held out by its development of a better world for mankind. As he rejoiced in the scientific achievement of its discovery so he tirelessly devoted his thought to its guidance into the channels of peaceful use. On every occasion he urged those having to do with its development to make sure that this unique form of energy, this great gift of the Father, would not be used to worsen life and destroy mankind.

From another standpoint Charles Fillmore's mind was simply fascinated by the idea of the atom, this infinitesimal particle of substance, and the enormous energy locked up in it. At times he thought of it as the most perfect representation in the manifest world of that divine mental or spiritual energy which pervades all things and which, when properly expressed through the minds of His children, serves so greatly to glorify God. At other times he thought of it as the very essence of this mental or spiritual energy, Spirit-mind itself! The reader will find each one of these standpoints set forth over and over — perhaps vaguely and mystically at times — but ever testifying to the alertness and vitality of Charles Fillmore's mind and his unflagging interest in everything in his world.

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As will be readily recognized by Unity readers, the articles appearing as chapters in this book, were originally published in Unity magazine over a period of half a century, one of them going back as far as the year 1898.

In the last paragraph of Chapter VIII the author gives his readers a clear formula for dealing with the problem of the atom:

"The great and most important issue before the people today is the development of man's spiritual mind and through it unity with God. ... The taproot of all our confusion is our failure to use our mind intelligently. We can only think as God would have us think by adjusting our thoughts to divine ideas. Religion and all that it implies in prayer and recognition of God in idea and manifestation is the one and only way out of the chaos in which we find ourselves. We must therefore begin at once to develop this unity with the Father-Mind by incorporating divine ideas into all that we think and speak."

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  1. The Atomic Age ... 9
  2. The Restorative Power of the Spirit ... 18
  3. Spiritual Obedience ... 26
  4. I AM or Superconsciousness ... 36
  5. The Day of Judgment ... 45
  6. Thou Shalt Decree a Thing ... 50
  7. Thinking in the Fourth Dimension ... 56
  8. Is This God's World? ... 63
  9. Demonstrating Christ Thought by Thought ... 70
  10. Truth Radiates Light ... 80
  11. The Only Mind ... 87
  12. Contact with the Christ Mind ... 98
  13. Metaphysics of Shakespeare ... 106
  14. The Body ... 116
  15. Faith Precipitations ... 125
  16. The Seed Is the Word ... 134
  17. The Resurrecting Power of the Word ... 142 XVIII Transfiguration ... 150
  18. The End of the Age ... 160
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