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Chapter 7: Thinking in the Fourth Dimension

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Chapter VII

SCIENTISTS TELL us that the discoveries that their efforts are revealing convince them that they are just on the verge of stupendous truths. Christianity spiritually interpreted shows that Jesus understood the deeper things of God's universe. He understood exactly what the conditions were on the invisible side of life, which is termed in His teaching the "kingdom of God" or the "kingdom of the heavens." We are trying to connect His teaching with modern science in order to show the parallel; but as He said in Mark 4:23, "if any man hath ears to hear, let him hear." This means that we must develop a capacity for understanding in terms of the atomic structure of the universe.

Unless we have this spiritual capacity we do not understand. We think we have ears, but they are attuned to materiality. They do not get the radiations from the supermind, the Christ Mind. Physiology working with psychology is demonstrating that hearing and seeing can be developed in every cell in the body, independent of ears and eyes. We hear and see with our minds working through our bodies. This being true, the capacity to hear may extend beyond the physical ear into the spiritual ethers, and we should be able to hear the voice of God. This extension of hearing is what Jesus taught. "If any man

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hath ears to hear, let him hear."

Then we are told that we must "take heed" what we hear. Many of us have found that as we develop this inner, spiritual hearing, we hear voices sometimes that do not tell the truth. These deceptive voices can be hushed by affirming the presence and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As you unfold your spiritual nature, you will find that it has the same capacity for receiving vibrations of sound as your outer, physical ear has. You do not give attention to all that you hear in the external; you discriminate as you listen. So in the development of this inner, spiritual ear take heed what you hear: discriminate.

Jesus said, "For he that hath, to him shall be given: and he that hath not, from him shall be taken away even that which he hath." How can what a man has not be taken away? We believe in our mortal consciousness that we have attained a great deal, but if we have not this inner, spiritual consciousness of reality our possessions are impermanent. Then we must be careful what we accumulate in our consciousness, because "he that hath, to him shall be given." The more spiritual Truth you pile up in your mind, the more you have of reality, and the larger is your capacity for the unlimited; but if you have nothing of a spiritual character, what little you have of intellectual attainment will eventually be taken away from you.

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Ed Rabel

Charles Fillmore was a strong advocate for the validity of both religion and science, and the connection between the two is becoming more and more apparent. True metaphysical revelation always precedes the development of greater technology in science, medicine, and the arts. Greater technology is a furthering of the process of manifestation, which always BEGINS in conciousness. But all are under the same system of principles and laws that are spiritual in origin, character, and purpose. Religion and science already are one, but our consciousness still needs to become more correctly aware of why and how.

Ed Rabel - Metaphysics 1, Kingdom of God, Science and Religion

- Ed Rabel

The kingdom of the heavens, the new dimension of mind and energy that is being unfolded today in the spiritual ethers by the discoveries of the scientists, should not be divorced from the kingdom of heaven taught by Jesus. Jesus taught in parables because His listeners were not trained in science.

We know that the kingdom of the heavens or kingdom of God is not a place in the skies but an ideal state in creative mind, ready to be ushered into the minds of men.

We have thought that this kingdom of God was to be introduced into the world in a miraculous way. At the very beginning of His ministry Jesus announced, "The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand"; but it did not then appear. He said, "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation." Its source is not in outer things; it comes from sources within man. So we know that we must develop spiritual understanding and spiritual power in some respects exceeding that of Jesus. "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater." Man is the outpicturing of the infinite and creative Mind, and all the capacity of this great Mind is his by inheritance.

Jesus taught that man is the light of God. Without man God should be deaf and dumb and blind. Did you ever think that you are God's ears and God's mouth and God's eyes? You have doubtless heard these statements before, but you have taken

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them metaphorically; but it is true that man is God, formulated.

God is Spirit, it is plainly taught, and the omnipotent, omnipresent essence from which all things proceed. Both science and religion agree on the fundamental fact that God is the source of all creation. Just how God puts Himself into His creation is not so universally understood or accepted. But Paul says that God is in us all and through us all and above us all; that is, God saturates us. God as Spirit is the ether or soil in which we grow as human plants.

Jesus compared this soil of God to the soil necessary to the vegetable kingdom, in which seed is cast and springs up and grows and unfolds by a series of orderly stages: "first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear." This seed is the God word, and it is tremendously prolific, much more so than any material seed.

When man points his mind toward God and allows his zeal to run in a single channel, he may become God-intoxicated. Peter the Hermit became intoxicated with the idea that God wanted Jerusalem rescued from Moslem rule, and he rode up and down Europe on his little mule shouting, "God wills it." His fanatical zeal started the Crusades that rolled from Europe to Palestine for nearly two hundred years.

When we recognize that great teachers and leaders of the race have really developed and expressed

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a superconsciousness that is potential in all persons, we have raised the hopes and the capacities of men from the human to the divine. These scientific discoveries are proving that God is impartial and absolutely just in all His relations with humanity. When the natural world is scientifically and universally revealed, a great school of instruction in soul unfoldment will be established right here in our midst, and its results will be beyond all our present imaginings.

The mysteries of the supermind have always been considered the property of certain schools of occultists and mystics who were cautious about giving their truths to the masses for fear that in their ignorance these might misuse them. But now the doors are thrown wide open, and whosoever will may enter in.

Our attention in this day is being largely called to the revolution that is taking place in the economic world, but a revolution of even greater worth is taking place in the mental and spiritual worlds. A large and growing school of metaphysicians has made its advent in this generation, and it is radically changing the public mind toward religion. In other words, we are developing spiritual understanding, and this means that religion and its sources in tradition and in man are being inquired into and its principles applied in the development of a new cosmic mind for the whole human family. So we need

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a larger realization of the importance of man and the importance of every one of us in manifesting the God who is Spirit.

We have thought that the burden rested on God alone and that we were merely puppets in His hands; but Jesus taught otherwise, and our science proves that man dominates nature when he affirms his mental supremacy. We are told that today we have invented machines that can produce faster than we yet know how to use, that our markets may be glutted with the products of these mechanical inventions, and that the products may become so cheap that those who produce them will come to want. We have wished that everything we touched might turn to gold; it has come to pass and we are paralyzed by the pressure of the stuff we have piled up in our ingenuity and selfishness. We cannot eat it ourselves, and our greed makes us fearful that we shall lose all of it if we pass it out freely to others.

So the great need of the whole human family is to know this one supreme law of God as Spirit manifesting itself in the mind of man. It is then necessary that we understand our own importance as God manifestations. We should understand that we are not separate nor insignificant but the vital, important, integral parts of a mighty whole. Jesus realized the importance of the superman as a thinking power expressing God-Mind when He said, "No one cometh unto the Father, but by me."

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We have thought that we were to accept Jesus as our Saviour, that He made propitiation for our sins, and that that was what He meant when He said we could not reach the Father except through Him. We have thought that He meant His personality and His great sacrifice; and we now have to admit that in its deeper, spiritual significance this is in a measure true. But in a more personal and intimate way we are vitally and spiritually intersphered with the Christ Mind in God, and we cannot measure up to and express our divinity unless we accept Jesus' standard of the importance of man and the necessity of man in the great creative scheme of life.

Ed Rabel

One of the problems connected with thinking about the fourth dimension is that some persons tend to think of the fourth dimension as the Absolute. It is not the Absolute, but only a dimension which transcends most of the current limitations of three-dimensional existence. The Absolute is not any dimension.

Ed Rabel - Metaphysics 1, Kingdom of God, Fourth Dimension

- Ed Rabel

All persons in rare moments catch glimpses of this creative plan as a whole, and of man's importance in its beauty and perfection. But this subject is so deep and so far-reaching that it can be realized in small degree only by those who have developed spiritual sight and feeling, and practice thinking in the fourth dimension, or kingdom of God.