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Why Not Be Rich? by Martha Giudici

Lesson Five — Prosperity's Genie

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This lesson is Martha Giudici at her best. Prior to becoming a Unity minister, she was a statistician. Her analytical mind has assembled this tightly-weaved framework for achieving prosperity. Here are her seven steps to becoming a prosperity genius.


Lesson 5 Bulletin

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086 Lesson 5 Introduction

This is lesson five in the series Why Not Be Rich? It is entitled “Prosperity’s Genie.” Join us now for our lesson and our powerful prospering declarations.

087 Review of affirmations

“It is my Father’s good pleasure,” together:

It is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom of all good.

Once again, “It is my Father’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom of all good.” Now let’s drop down to number four, “God is the source.” Together:

God is the source of a mighty stream of substance and I am it’s channel of expression.

That’s good. Now let’s go up here to number six on the second sheet, “Prosperity is my spiritual right.” Together:

Prosperity is my spiritual right—I dare to prosper NOQ!

Again, “Prosperity is my spiritual right—I dare to prosper NOW! When? Now! Number eight, “I release and let go.” Together:

I release and I let go. I am open to God’s flow. I dare to prosper NOW!

Good. Now let’s go up to number nine, “I freely and fully forgive.” Together:

I freely and fully forgive and begin to love myself and others. Forgiving and loving attracts new, rich good into my life.

Good. Then number 13, “My constructive uplifting work.” Okay? Together:

My constructive uplifting, fulfilling words prosper me NOW!

That’s good. Now let’s go over to the last section. By the way, we’re going to have these printed up for you next week so that you can take them with you. Let’s start with number 17, “Picturing power.” Together:

Picturing power prospers me.

Again, “Picturing power prospers me.” Once more: “Picturing power prospers me.” Now number 18, “Positive feelings.” Together:

Positive feelings increase my prospering power.

Once again, “Positive feelings increase my prospering power.” Number 19, “Loving giving.” Together:

Loving giving brings me prosperous living.

Again, “Loving giving brings me prosperous living.” Once more: “Loving giving brings me prosperous living.” When? Now! Good. Prosperous living comes to us when we are giving in love.

088 Intro to prosperity's genie

Summary: “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”

Now our lesson today is entitled Prosperity’s Genie. You know, this word “genie” is kind of an interesting word. Most of us connect it with the genie of the lamp in Aladdin's lamp or some idea of a big genie that's going to float up all over the place. There's the plural of the word genie is "genius" (RW Genius). Genius. We use this word all the time, genius, and yet we don’t realize that it is the plural of the word genie. That it is this idea of something that is greater and has extraordinary power to express or to manifest.

There was a young man who asked his father, he says, “Dad, what is a financial genius?” The father said to him, “Well, it’s a father who can earn money faster than his family can spend it.” I think we’ve all had that feeling that we’d like to be a financial genius and earn money faster than it could be spent.

We know too that we have a Father. A Father who has given us all good. That good will manifest faster than we can experience it if we will just turn to that source and use that power which is within us.

Jesus told us that not to fear because he said, “Fear not little flock for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32). Fear not for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. What is the kingdom? The kingdom is that total realm of good (RW Kingdom). Good which has been prepared for us by the very beginning of the world and which we are to inherit and we inherit it through using prospering, powerful words invested with prospering, powerful feelings.

089 The genie of prosperity is our positive feeling nature

Summary: Prosperity’s genie is superconsciousness infested with positive feeling. There is nothing wrong with money; we should not have bad feelings about money. This blocks the flow. It flows when we feel good.

When we think of this idea of prosperity's genie let's think of it as an extraordinary power to be manifested in creative ability. That we all have a genie. We all have a genie. A genie is the spirit. Did you know a genie was the spirit? We all have a spirit within us. What do we call that spirit within us? We call it superconsciousness (RW Superconsciousness). It is also the realm of deep feeling and energy.

Prosperity’s genie, the genie that will manifest everything that we want in our life, is truly the Spirit within us invested with feeling. It is your feeling nature that really determines how you’re going to manifest your good in your life. Let’s look at the genie of prosperity as being our feeling nature.

Now if our feeling nature is feeling good about prosperity, and think about that song we sang this morning, “Money, money, money”. There might have been some feelings, “Oh my goodness. That’s materialistic. That’s “mamman.” That’s serving the outer.” You better check that feeling now.

Money, of itself, is good. Money is a way that we barter with others for the good that we want in our life. It’s a very necessary item for accomplishing, doing, and being the things that we want to be in the outer. There is nothing wrong with money. I expect all of you to run around this week singing, “Money, money, money. Lots and lots of money” and really getting your feeling nature into it and really feeling good about the idea of money coming to you in the right and perfect ways to fulfill all your needs.

A lot of times when we feel bad about this idea because we have really become attached to it and we’re holding onto it, we never really feel good about something when we’re letting it work. Excuse me, I said that in error. Let me back up and say you never feel bad about something unless we’re blocking it. Unless we’re blocking the flow. Then there is a resistance set up and we’re attached to it. When we really feel good is when it’s flowing, when it’s moving, when it’s experiencing and expressing through us. That’s when we really feel good.

Prosperity’s genie is the genie of positive feelings. Positive feelings that have the power to bring our good to us quickly and easily.

090 Love as the most powerful attracting power

Summary: Charles Fillmore said we must use love to build a positive thought atmosphere which will attract our good to us. TLC, tending loving care, will prosper you.

Charles Fillmore talked about this genie. When he called it the genie he didn’t call it the genie of love but he referred to it as “the greatest attractive power” and the greatest attractive power is love. Love is the greatest of all feelings. We might say that the genie of love is that which can bring forth our good to us, quickly, easily, and peacefully.

He also said that we must use love to build a positive thought atmosphere which will attract our good to us. We need to begin to think love, feel love, express love, and feel a good expression of love coming through us. Then we will drop to us, through us, from within us, all of the good that we desire.

There’s a little phrase that I like and it says, “TLC. TLC” Do you all know what TLC is? “Tender, loving, care.” Tender, loving, care which is loving yourself and loving others will prosper you. It will bring your good to you because you are giving a love and love is the greatest attractive power in your life. When you’re loving yourself, when you’re loving others, you are increasing, attracting, appreciating the good that God has prepared for you. You can establish a thought atmosphere of love and that will attract your good to you.

091 Your superconscious is your spiritual genius

Summary: “I am a spiritual genius” is a favorite affirmation for Martha. This is true because we have a superconscious, which is our spiritual genius.

You know this idea of genie and genius really works in our lives because I have a favorite affirmation. One that I heard many long years ago and which has worked for me many, many times. The affirmation is that

I am a spiritual genius.

“I am a spiritual genius.” I want you to think about that for a moment. How do you feel? When I say, “You’re a spiritual genius” do you really feel you are? Do you really feel you are? Well, you are. You have a super conscious Christ mind, I am, which is genius. The total mind of God individualized in you as you. You are a spiritual genius.

I used to say to myself,

I’m a spiritual genius” and everything I need to know is revealed to me, through me, from within me.

“Everything I need to know is revealed to me, through me, from within me.” That particular affirmation has gotten me through an awful lot of tight binds.

When I was a supervisor of a section working for the federal government in the workload coordination and control division of the design division of the Long Beach Naval Shipyard as a statistician, I had the occasion to work with a young lady who was a hypochondriac. She also wasn’t prone to tell the truth all the time. Not telling the truth, she was really creating a lot of difficulties in the office and because of her hypochondria she was either off sick or she was creating things because she just wasn’t well.

I had worked with her for a long time and I had used every affirmation I knew. I had used every technique of working with people that I had developed over the years. Nothing was working. Nothing was working. I just kept plugging away. I prayed about her so often that she should have changed, you know? Really quickly.

I would go to my boss and my boss wouldn’t do anything about it. I would talk to him about the situation. I said, “She’s just creating havoc in our section.” He would not do anything about it. He said, “Well, we’re just going to have to work it out. We’ll just have to work it out.” Every time he did this I got that pit feeling in my stomach because I knew he wasn’t going to do anything. I just kept going at it.

Then one day I says, “I can’t do anything more, Father.” Then all of a sudden my affirmation came back to me. “I’m a spiritual genius and everything I need to know is revealed to me, through me, from within me.” I began to affirm that. “I’m a spiritual genius, I’m a spiritual genius. Everything I need to know is revealed to me, through me, from within me.”

Now we have been working on this problem almost two years. When I began to affirm this, and I begin to release it and let it go. I said, “Okay, it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen.” The next morning at 10 o’clock in the morning the head engineer called me and he says, “Martha, I want to talk to you about our problem.” I said, “Our problem?” He says, “You know who I mean. Our problem.” I said, “Oh? Okay. I have a report that has to get out by noon. Can I see you at one o’clock?” He says certainly.

I went down and talked to him at one o’clock. At one o’clock he had cleared the whole thing up. In two weeks the whole situation was resolved. The young lady who found it difficult in working with other people was then put in a position where she did not have an effect upon other people and she was doing work which benefited her and rewarded her. She began to change her attitude. She began to take on responsibility for her actions and really was in a good place. My office, which needed someone who could work and function with all of the staff that was there, was really working well.

Now when the Father works he just doesn’t go to low man on the totem pole. What did he do? He went straight to the top, to the head engineer who took care of things right away. Who is it that does those things in our life? The head engineer within us is always the super consciousness, the higher states of consciousness within us. If you really want things to work, turn to Spirit and let Spirit reveal to you, through you, the good that you really need and the way to accomplish that good.

092 Fanny Faithful's Fantastic Formula

We need to check our feelings any time we’re working in any situation and remember prosperity includes peace of mind in your office, it includes health of body, it includes harmonious relationships with all of the people that you’re working with, and it includes financial good. It includes financial good.

Now we’re going to have an opportunity to put that idea to work. We’re going to work with an idea that I call, have nicknamed, “Fanny Faithful’s Fantastic Formula.” Okay? Fanny Faithful’s Fantastic Formula. Well, I did it. We’ll just do it this way.

Fanny Faithful's Fantastic Formula
Fannie Faithful's Fantastic Formula

Now this is Faithful Fanny and she has a fantastic formula. Let’s pull that down just a little so you can see that a little bit better. Now Faithful Fanny’s Fantastic Formula works like this. Now I want you to know where Faithful Fanny’s Fantastic Formula came from.

James Dillet Freeman
James Dillet Freeman

When I was a student minister here at the school studying for the ministry, James Dillet Freeman, who is the head of Silent Unity, and at that time was the head of the school, had us do a prosperity formula. Now he says, “I think that every one of you is practicing prosperity and you unconsciously have a formula in your mind that works for you.” I sat down and I wrote out my formula and it was a little bit more simple than it is now. I’ve expanded it in a couple of places. I took it into Jim and Jim said to me, “It’s too simple.” I says, “It works.” He says, “You can’t beat success.” It really does work.

Let’s take a look at this. Check your feelings. Your feeling are what you need to get into if you’re going to prosper.

093 Step 1—You have a need or desire that exists in your life

Summary: Martha encourages us start off by viewing our needs or desires as a cup to be filled by Spirit. By doing so, we become specific and we focus Spirit.

Now the very first thing you need to recognize, that you have a need or a desire, that a desire or a need exists in your life. A lot of us in truth say, “I don’t have any needs.” We’re afraid to admit that we’re not working the principles, that we’re not experiencing the all-ness of good, so we will deny that we have a need. We will deny that we have a need.

I want you to take a new look at the word need and desire. I want you to look at it as a cup to be filled, as a cup to be filled. I want you to look at it as a way of focusing Spirit, focusing Spirit because you cannot fill a bottomless pit and a bottomless pit is lack. You can just keep pouring substance into it and it will never be filled. Put your cup out there. Put the cup out there. What is the need? What is the desire that you want Spirit to fill?

We concentrate on our lack often enough. We think nothing of stating our lack, our lack of good, our lack of health, our lack of anything that Spirit can bring forth. When it comes to stating the fact that we have a need or a desire for some good in our life we get very fearful. That fear is a feeling which blocks the flow of Spirit and keeps it from manifesting in our life.

The very first thing that we need to know is what do you need? Be specific. Now remember what we said last week about being specific? When we say specific, if you want to go on a world tour, if you want to go around the world in 80 days, well, it’s very good to say that you want to go around the world in 80 days but you don’t want to go around on Ozark Airlines. Because if you want to go around the world on Ozark Airlines I think they’re still on strike, aren’t they? If they’re not on strike they just don’t go around the world.

What you want to do is say, “I want to go around the world but not on Ozark Airlines. I am open and receptive to the perfect way to go around the world.” Then, if you need money, if you need friends, if you need a new position or job in life, if there’s something that you desire for your home, if you desire a new expression of health of body, peace of mind, then state it. State it, “Father, this is what I need.” I advise you to work on one at a time. Don’t scatter your forces so much that you can’t really give your attention to it. One at a time. Things work more quickly when you are working easily with the love.

094 Step 2—Fulfillment exists in time and space

Summary: Martha then has us recognize that the fulfillment of our need or desire already exists in time and space.

Okay, now once you have given your desire and said that it is there, recognize that the fulfillment exists. By the way, as you go out this morning I’m going to give you a copy of this formula with all the little brief words behind it that will help you concentrate your thoughts. You can just listen this morning. If there’s something that strikes you and you want to write down, that’s great. Remember that the fulfillment exists, the fulfillment exists in time and space, because there is an abundant supply of everything that you desire.

Aren’t there lots and lots of people in the world? Isn’t there lots and lots of good? Isn’t there lots and lots of good. You know, there’s more money in the world than you can really think about. There’s plenty of money. There’s an abundance of work to be done. Work to be accomplished. There are plenty of jobs. There is lots and lots and lots of healing light, healing light, there is an abundance of God light that cannot be limited in any way. Everywhere present in the universe. You can draw the awareness of that to you, through you, from within you.

Think about that. That there is a fulfillment for your desire existing in time and space already. An abundance of money, an abundance of people, an abundance of work, an abundance of good. Just know, if I really want this, it’s there. It’s there. If it does not exist in time and space already what is there? There is omnipresent mind essence, spiritual substance, infinite intelligence, which can bring that to you, through you, from within you, in new forms. In new forms that have never been experienced yet in earth plain, in this realm of manifestation.

If there is a need of new awareness it will be brought to you from infinite intelligence working through radiant substance. The fulfillment exists. Get that feeling. Can you get that feeling that the fulfillment from my desire exists. It really does. There’s plenty of it for me to use and to experience.

095 Step 3—Fulfillment can come from known and unknown sources

Summary: The fulfillment of our needs and desires not only exists in time and space, but it may come from both known and unknown sources. Martha's point is that unknown sources are far more infinite than known sources. So be open to them.

Now once we have recognized that the fulfillment exists then we really need to know that the fulfillment can come from known and unknown sources. You know, the minute we start thinking about prosperity we begin to think, “Well, maybe Aunt Fanny will leave that to me.” You know? Or, “Maybe Uncle Joe will break down and give that to me.” Or, “Maybe the boss will do this for me.”

We really need to know that, yes, yes, our fulfillment for our desire can come from known sources but it can come from unknown sources because the known sources in our life may be numerous but the unknown sources are infinite. Because God, working through us, can bring us good from infinite sources. Infinite sources. Get that feeling that God’s sources are infinite. That they’re infinite.

One time when I was experiencing a little bit of a pinch in the old pocketbook when I was a student minister and student ministers have a way of doing that, it was coming toward Christmas. It was coming toward Christmas and things were not flowing just exactly the way I wanted them to do. I began to think of this idea that fulfillment can come to me from known and unknown sources. And I began to pray about and I said,

“God is the source of my supply. I’m going to act like it. Father, I am about your business. I’m doing the things that I really ought to be doing. I’m really working at it. I desire this good to come forth in my life. I have a need right now and I’m holding it up for your spirit to fill right now.”

It wasn’t very long, just a few days later, that I got a letter in the mail. Now this letter came from a place called Dover, Indiana. Now I don’t know anybody that lives in Dover, Indiana. That is, I didn’t consciously know anybody that lived in Dover, Indiana. I looked at the letter and I thought, “Well, what is this?” I opened it up and there’s one of those grocery flyers that they have in little towns that tell you all the specials for the day when you go into the grocery store.

Someone had turned it over and on the back of it had written a note and said, “You know, I was impressed to send you this gift.” There was a check enclosed. She says, “I remember ...”—it was from a woman and she says—”I remembered how gracious you were to my sister’s children when we were at a retreat at Unity Village last summer.” Out of a clear blue sky, at the time I needed it, and in an unknown way, the good came.

It was a very generous check and I was most appreciative of it. It came from an unknown source. Something totally unexpected. I had given in love, in the summer, to these young people and the good, which I needed at a specific time, came to me from unknown sources at the right time when I needed it in the right way. The fulfillment can come from known sources, which are numerous, but from unknown sources which are infinite. Be open to it.

096 Step 4—Fulfillment is moving toward you you - accept it

Summary:Forth, know that the fulfillment is moving toward you, so accept it.

The next idea that we need to recognize is that if the fulfillment is moving toward you, accept it. If the fulfillment is moving toward you, accept it. You’ve named your desire, you know that the fulfillment exists, you know that there are infinite ways that it can come to you from known and unknown source, and now that you have named it then you begin to accept it—mentally. Begin to mentally accept that it is moving towards you and that nothing can keep it from you. That which is the desire of my heart is now moving toward me and I am accepting it. I am accepting it.

You know, we can work with this law because one of the first things that I did with this formula after Jim had had us write it was to decide that I really needed to have a way to go through school without all of the pressure of having to work 37 and a half hours a week in addition to going to school. I began to get in this idea of working with my formula and I said, “Now, Martha, if it really works it should work for everybody.” At that time, I felt as though the students, the ministers in training, should have a way to be provided for without having to work long hours.

I wrote my little formula down and I said, “Now, look, there has to be a way that they can be provided for and there has to be a way that we can get this substance rolling to us from spirit and it has to come in ways which are good for everybody.” As I did this, I took my statement, wrote it down very clearly, exactly what I wanted, and I put it in my Bible. I put it in my Bible and then I began to feel that it was going to happen. I didn’t know how it was going to happen and that was in November. That was in November. Around Thanksgiving time and I really was giving thanks for this whole thing.

Then in February, guess what happened? The school decided to put all of the ministers in training on a grant program. They very generously provided a grant for the students who were in training at that particular time. Relieve them of the responsibility of having to work and put them on the grant so that we had that grant. We had it all the rest of the time that I was in school. Now I didn’t work for Silent Unity. I worked for the field department. The same grant system that had been applied to Silent Unity was given to me.

You know, it doesn’t matter what it is you need or desire. There is an answer when you accept it and when you believe in it and when you see it working for you.

097 Step 5—Take needed steps in preparation for receiving it

Summary: Fifth, take the needed steps in preparation for receiving your desire.

Then the next idea is taking needed steps in preparation for receiving it. You know, a lot of times we really want something. We really want to go around the world. If you have the opportunity to go around the world tomorrow would you be ready to go? No. You wouldn’t even have any idea how you were going to get there or what you were going to do. You would really panic and say, “No, I couldn’t go because it takes me time to get ready.”

If you really want to go around the world what ought you be ready to do? You ought to have a passport, you ought to have your bags packed. You ought to know, you ought to know what you’re going to take with you, all of the things that you would need to go around the world. If you don’t have those things ready well then what’s going to happen? The opportunity to go could come and go without you and go without you.

I have this little friend in New York City who every time she wants to go on a trip, gets out her suitcase, packs it, and gets ready to go and then just sits there and waits and someone always calls her. Someone always calls her and says, “I’m going to upstate New York. Would you like to go?” “I was getting ready to go down to the shore and I really thought of you” and so she gets to go—every time. We also have another friend who has what she calls around the world dress. Every time she really wants to make an around the world trip she puts on her around the world dress. You know she’s been around the world I think six times. Six times.

Once when I was lecturing in New York City at Eric Butterworth’s center on a Saturday, I gave a lesson similar to this one on taking the needed steps. Many years later, right here at Unity Village, a woman was on retreat. She came up to me and she said, “You know? I know you. You’re the lady who spoke on Saturday afternoon at the New York Center.” She said, “I know you because I’ve heard you say that you have to get ready for your good, that you have to make preparation for it.”

She said, “I have been trying to rent a room for two or three months. I was unable to rent that room. Then when you were talking about this I suddenly realized that I was waiting until I got a renter to finish up the room, to really clean it thoroughly and get it ready for the renter.” She said, “I went home from that lecture and I started cleaning that room. I got it ready for the renter.” She said, “You know, I wasn’t even two-thirds through when the right person called in answer to the ad and was there.” That room was rented to a person who stayed with me for many, many long years. It was a good renter.

She had to get ready. You want a new rug? What are you going to do? Wait until you get the rug before you clean the floor? No. Get the floor ready. Get yourself ready mentally, emotionally for whatever it is. If you’re going to work in a job, get yourself ready for it.

098 Step 6—Give thanks that it is yours now

Summary: Six, give thanks that your desire is yours now. Jesus taught that giving thanks in advance assures the right outcome. When raising Lazarus, he thanked the Father in advance.

Then, of course, giving thanks that is yours now. Jesus taught us this lesson that giving thanks in advance assures the right outcome. Did he wait until after Lazarus walked out of the tomb to give thanks? No, he said, “Father, I think you. Know that you hear me and that you have always heard me. That you always hear me.” Really, when we need something we need to give thanks for it. We need to give thanks for it and to say, “Father, I know you hear me. I know you have always heard me. I give thanks for this good that is coming to me now.”

099 Step 7—Release and let God bring about the fulfillment

Summary: Seven, release and let God bring about the fulfillment. The seventh day of creation is the day of rest, when God goes to work.

Then, of course, you have to release and let God bring about the fulfillment. You have to release and let go. You go through your actions, you do all the work, and the seventh day of creation is the day of rest. That’s the day that you rest and when God activity goes to work bringing to you the good that you desire because the important thing about releasing it is our vision is limited.

We may only be seeing limited ways in which this good can manifest in our life. God’s channels are infinite, limitless. The good can come to us in known and unknown ways, in wonderfully good ways. When we declare that the good can come to us from God’s infinite channels it does. It does. I think that we can all think of times in our lives where we have experienced this good coming to us, through us, from infinite channels.

When I was on vacation one time I had an experience with my car and it cost me more money than I had expected to spend on the vacation. I was a little short. While I was on the vacation I was declaring that this good was going to come to me and return to me, pressed down, running over, multiplied.

I made the trip all the way to California and all the way back again and my bank account was a little on the shy side. When I got back in the mail there was a check from a cousin of mine. Once again, she says, “I was just thinking about you and what you are doing. I was impressed to send this gift to you.” You know, that gift more than compensated for all of the challenge that I had had. When you release, when you let go, when you let God bring about the fulfillment then it comes in ways that are totally unexpected, from totally unexpected source.

100 Closing affirmations

Summary: Our genie of prosperity is our positive feelings, “My positive feelings increase my prospering power now.” Repeats other affirmations. “Loving giving brings me prosperous living, NOW!”

Our genie of prosperity is our positive feelings. The genie of prosperity is our positive feelings that we have about the good that God has prepared for us. Our positive feelings increase our prospering power now. Our positive feelings increase our prospering power now. Just say that in a me way. “My positive feelings increase my prospering power now.” Together:

My positive feelings increase my prospering power now.

When? Now! Good.

Then the one that we learned this morning that will really put that genie to work in our life, “Loving giving brings me prosperous living.” Together,

Loving giving brings me prosperous living.

Once more, “Loving giving brings me prosperous living.” Once more, “Loving giving brings me prosperous living.” When? Now! When? Now!! When? Now!!! Good. Okay, that’s our lesson for this morning. Be sure to pick up your copy of the formula on the way out.