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The World of Meditation (Home)

Album cover for Martha Giudici The World of Meditation

Explore the World of Meditation...

Here is an audio series that ties the practice of meditation as it is found in world cultures and religions to Unity’s understanding and practice of the Silence, the Word, the Twelve Powers, and the metaphysics of Divine Ideas.

When you’re finished you will not only have new insight into meditation as it is practiced worldwide, you will also understand why Unity’s spiritual pathway is able to deliver on healing, happiness, guidance and prosperity. What Martha Giudici presents in these 166 short clips is absolutely unique. I haven’t found this information anywhere else and I encourage you to click through and sample some of the clips.

These scripts are carefully written and clearly delivered. Every sentence seems to have been crafted to present Unity’s understanding of meditation in the most direct and clear form possible. They engage us in plain, simple terms and they convey that meditation is a life-enhancing practice available to everyone. We finish with new tools for restoring health, happiness and guidance.

The six twenty-minute lectures and six twenty-minute meditations are like having Martha at your side, personally guiding your spiritual development. They are free and they are available anytime of the day. They are segmented so you can skip around and explore, but they run in sequence so you can close your eyes and allow Martha to guide you as you listen. Most important is that they are rooted in the basic Truths taught by religions worldwide. They are credible and trustworthy teachings delivered by one of Unity’s great teachers.