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You Have The Power

What is You Have the Power about? I can only describe it as "Metaphysical Prayer."

Martha Giudici combines the analytical mind of a metaphysician with the open heart of a mystic to convey Unity’s most practical teachings. There is no hint that we must “leave the head” to “drop to the heart” in this series; Martha’s talks are always always grounded in both head and heart. She is, as Connie Fillmore has noted, a first-rate metaphysician.

There is no ego-bashing, and Martha Giudici is not skittish talking about our power in lesson one. In lessons two and three she explains how this power gives us dominion over both heath and affairs. In lesson four, my favorite of the series, we learn how this power enables us to be happy and full of light. She delivers her metaphysical lessons in the first two thirds of each talk. She then shifts to a meditation that is structured on the metaphysics she has just taught. The meditations are rich in imagery and delivered from the heart. So we are left with both an understandable, relevant metaphysics lesson and a heart-felt, transformative prayer experience. Together, these are what I call “Metaphysical Prayer.”