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Lecture Five: The Secret Name or The Lost Word


"We may never speak the name Jesus Christ.  We may always speak the name Spirit, or God or Love, and describe Spirit, God, as Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience, and do quite great things by such praise, but there will be some nameless flavor lacking in the health and strength that come forth thereby.  As the actinic ray in the sun is the secret of the sweetness of the grape, so Jesus Christ Who stands up in the universe as the one man having demonstrated the fullness of the Godhead bodily, is the human touch to the divinity of man.  And being recognized as the health of man, there is a vital kindling forth as health and happy vigour, fearless of death and misfortune, not translation but transfiguration for humanity.

"God hath given him a name which is above every name.'  The preaching of the mysterious might of the Name and the healing Presence of the Jesus Christ is the risen doctrine.  It is not the province of the risen doctrine to insist on a verbatim formula of praise of the far radiating Presence.  The recognition, the acknowledgement of a pivotal character transcending all limitations, irresistibly acting as invigorating energy, causes right words silent or audible to formulate, sweeping their original meanings into the affairs of the world."  (HM 192-193.)

1. What is the metaphysical doctrine of the Vicarious Christ?

"As it has taken the light of some splendid stars thousands of years to reach our earth, so it has taken the best part of two thousand years for mankind to recognize the far reaching glory of the undertaking of the Divinity charged Jesus of Nazareth. It takes the upward fling of all man's cognizance of the law of vicarious suffering, to make him at this late day give honor to whom honor is due, and proclaim to the High and Lofty One inhabiting eternity -- 'Christ Jesus as Emmanuel, or God with us, has borne my mistaken actions and their consequences once, for me, that I might be unloaded of my life blunders and be free to accomplish my own great task.'"  (HM 122.)

"All the learnedness of the world cannot compass the wonder of the mind of Christ, who knew all things and needed not that any man should teach Him.  And the acme of His wisdom was His understanding of how to be to be so mighty with Omnipotence that all who should recognize Him should share His mightiness." (HM 123.)

"As we each of us have a work which is supremely ours and no other can accomplish this opus, or God-ordained work, save our own self, so Jesus of Nazareth had His work, and His work was the redemption of mankind from sin, sickness and death, by the withdrawal into Himself, by virtue of His supernal Godness, all the sin, sickness and death of the universe, leaving the universe entirely without sin, sickness and death, and thus making us to walk through a redeemed world.

"This was His chosen it is only fair to Him, Jesus of Nazareth, charged to the supreme with Christ power, to acknowledge the completeness and splendor of His finished chosen work."  (HM 113-114.)

2a. What is the meaning of the Jesus Christ breath?

"There is a presence of Jesus Christ within us, breathed through the mind by His name, which shows us that the Life that is God may quicken us into a state which has no opposite to be sent forth from our mind.  There is a Life beyond the life that has to let go of death.  By breathing into the nostrils the atmosphere and at the same time drawing into the mind the name Jesus Christ, we are taking in both mental and physical breaths.  That name has in it a quickening energy.  It expels the money changers or our sordid notions, by its mystic body which is now within us when we inspire it.

"What is it?  It is the 'I' that uses (breath and words).  Here we say with Jesus Christ, this 'I' is the Father or First Mover of the breath of the physical body as air, and the breath of mind as words or ideas.  The 'I' fathers all things, that is, it starts all things.  It is the mystic body of all men alike.  Whoever gets back of breaths and back of thoughts to his majestic starting point is one with Jesus Christ indeed.  He knows that he is himself and God is one.  Yet he is neither life nor death."  (EPSS 9,12.)

2b. What is the meaning of the Jesus Christ Self?

"The Adam man names good and evil.  The Joshua man names good only.  The Christ man names neither good nor evil.

"The Adam man speaks from common sense and with fair reasoning from the merits of the question of easy and difficult, sick and well.  The Joshua man finds only grapes of Eschol on the plains where Adam shows you plainly that giants of terror abide with menacing fronts.  The Christ man ignores the grapes of Eschol and the giants of difficulty.  He knows that good and evil are only clothes which man may put on or leave off.  This is Christ Jesus in truth, namely, that which is in the world but not of it." (EPSS 18.)

"Conscious miracle working is consciousness of God.  The miracles need not to be wrought in the estimation of one who has no mind, no life, no thought, no language, but lets whatever is remain as it is.  It is the Jesus Christ wisdom that sees God in the tree and sees no tree, sees God in the convict and sees no convict." (EPSS 41.)

2c. What is the meaning of the Potency of the Name of Jesus Christ?

"Jacob conferred names on his sons which had in the mystic potency of their sounded syllables the power to compel victorious outcomes.

.... When Jacob told Reuben that 'unstable as water, thou shalt not excel,’ (Gen. 49:3-4) he meant that Reuben's secret name of the Highest Helper would hold him forever steady in the midst of his unstable tendencies, if he would steadfastly declare, 'I, Reuben, the steadfast!'.... But Reuben never could remember, except here and there and now and then at odd intervals, to declare 'I, Reuben the steadfast,' till the secret saving name given him by his father Jacob, the name within the name enlarged him beyond his temper and his talents.  Reuben neglected the mystic principle as moderns have neglected the mystic possibilities in the Jesus Christ syllables.  For the name Jesus Christ holds within its claspings the Lost Word with its power to open the gates of heaven and breathe through our human frames mysterious wafts of immortality.  Those who neglect or reject its offers are those dropped down the line of Reuben .... by inheritance not over-handicapped, but by reason of downward viewings out-stripped and out-done."  (HM 335-336.)

"....That Name stands for one mind that took a human appearance and ate the Name God, that loved the One Presence, that concentrated upon the one Spirit till the glorious spiritual body shone out in full sight.  It is because that Name stands for one who, though drawn into the appearance, kept calling Himself God and would not be other than God for one instant.... He conquered by conscious knowledge of His spiritual origin and everlasting quality.  He made the earth a plaything.  He handled its serpents as one that knows himself the master of serpents, through conscious acquaintance with God.

"Jesus Christ is a Name that stands for one who dwells at the centre and moves Life and Spirit through the Universe, or does nothing with Life and Spirit, according to choice.  When we turn our mind toward that Name, we are arriving at the same freedom.... Whoever understands God through concentrating all the attention of his mind upon the Name Jesus Christ, remembers all that he knew with God in the beginning and can tell boldly and brilliantly all that he now knows.  Concentrating the sun rays, we burn the wood, hay, stubble.  Concentrating all the God seen into the Name Jesus Christ, we burn away sorrow and foolishness, matter and mind."  (EPSS 38.)

3.  What are the twelve universal doctrines of Jesus Christ?

  1. "God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit.
  2. Ye are of your father the devil, a lie from the beginning. One is your Father, even God.  Judge not according to appearance.
  3. The Father and I are one.  I in you.
  4. Ye believe in God, believe also in Me.
  5. These signs shall follow them that believe.
  6. I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.  God giveth not the Spirit by measure.
  7. Call no man upon earth your father.
  8. Ye are the light of the world.
  9. I came not to condemn the world.
  10. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall not pass away.
  11. Ye all know from whence I am.  The Holy Ghost shall teach you all things.
  12. All things that I have heard from the Father I have told you.  Your joy no man taketh from you."  (EPSS 27.)

4.  What is the three-fold purpose of all the doctrines of Jesus Christ?

"All the points of Jesus Christ doctrine are directed to the dissolving of the sheaths of the Soul Ego, or the Divine Spark, the God Self:  First by the right doctrine of the Soul, mind, nature, and matter; second, by the right doctrine of Ego, God, invisible, unnameable One; third, by ceasing from doctrine altogether."  (EPSS 43.)

"The purpose of Jesus Christ is to set mind free from doctrine, to turn it to see the Absolute, and thus, to be the Absolute."