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Lecture Three: Truth and Error

1.   What is "error" and how does ECH prescribe for its erasure?

"I have been speaking to you about a supposed case of disease. You know very well that there never was any disease.  Why, then, do I speak of one, and tell you to take a case of some kind to cure?  Because we take all the appearances in one lot and tell the truth.  We look at the child's arithmetical problem and say "NO" where it is not true.  We say "YES" to what is true.  So we meet the children who are working out their life problems.  We know wherein it is not the truth they speak by the sight they show...If I am in bondage, I have had some extreme error about God and His relation to my life. The truth tells me how to erase that error.  Jesus Christ erased errors very rapidly.  You and I will erase errors rapidly or slowly according to our nature.  If we stumble at the calling of sin nothingness, unreality, absence in this sea of omnipresence, we shall be slow in demonstration. We shall not be joyous.  Our singing will be poor."  (SCMP 192.)

"Can a law be more stupendous than that a lie must seem to be reasonable in order to seem anything at all?"  (SCMP 175.)

"All evil is blamed to sin, but sin is only a mistaken idea of life, a mistaken idea of who you are, and what world you live in.  This is all the sin you or anybody ever committed. You made your mistake in mind, and have lived out that mistake.  This Truth erases that mistake.  Then your life is free from the cause of its suffering and trouble."  (SCMP 177.)

"The world in which we live is the exact record of our thoughts.  If we do not like the world we live in, then we do not like our thoughts.  This is discord.... He who loves his thoughts greatly and loves his words greatly is sure to be a musician of some kind.... Let no one be surprised at his not being perfect in his science of music while he does not love his thoughts and enjoy the environments they have made."  (SCMP 178.)

"You have no idea how much of the inefficiency of mankind comes from thinking about the wrong-doings of others, and of ourselves.  There is nothing more miserable than to feel that by some mistake in life you have not amounted to what you might have, and that your misfortunes all hinge on that mistake.  While a mistake seems to be so much, its right  name is nothingness.  God never made any mistakes in Spirit. Your family never made any mistakes in Spirit.  None of you can possibly make any mistake in Spirit.  As Spirit is all that is real of you, the facing of the worst trouble of your life with the words that the mistakes that brought them being nothing, the troubles are nothing, will have a marvelous effect in putting them in a new relation with you. I do not mean that you will be hardened to bear them, I mean that they will be gone."  (SCMP 180.)

"It is not always by the repetition of our words that the cures are wrought.  It is by the whole lines of reasoning.  The study of the lines of reasoning which bring out your healing power is called the study of metaphysics."  (SCMP 12.)

"In setting forth to heal a man of his mental formulations, called disease, you disintegrate his accumulated ideas by true Principle.  You reason his ideas right out of his mind.  It is very much like ungluing them.  His ideas fall all to pieces, and there is nothing left of them."  (SCMP 201-202.)

"Inward conviction is not alive till it demonstrates on the human and manifest blackboard of daily experience."  (HM 180.)

2. How should we interpret such statements as "If your
 patient appears a fourth time, you are to give such and such a treatment"? (See SCMP 202 et al.)

Rather than taking such statements literally, interpret them to mean that you (they) are in need of conscious realization of the fourth proposition of spiritual science, which is:  "The Good is working to prove itself quickly in our behalf."  (SCMP 79.)

3. In what way are numbers spiritually significant?

"Some people study mathematics to train their minds to logical processes.  But the study of mathematics does not make thoughts and words powerful to heal the sick.... But no mathematician is a healer because of his mathematics. He must use the Healing Word, or the reasoning which brings down somewhat of the power of the Healing Word."  (SCMP 12.)

"Every number held profound significance to the ancients. Number four held the fire of convincing energy.  It was the Uriel Angel of divine telepathy.... Everything about four was fourth dimensional to the wise men of old.  Notice them telling how man is comraded by angels from the city of God when he finds himself touching the fourth side of the city .... Only by laying hold of the High Adequate has man laid hold of that which satisfies his heart's desire."  (HM 67-68.)

4. Give a brief metaphysical equivalent for each number, 1 through 12, drawing on the thought of ECH.

  1. One heavenly edict, "Look unto Me!"
  2. Liberation through obedience; seeing no evil (no 'second').
  3. Divine Law, which wraps the conscious mind in sane security.
  4. Divine Telepathy; fourth dimensional consciousness.
  5. Earth; works; redemption.
  6. Laborless success; invocation; complete manifestation; all faculties operating at highest potential; Jesus Christ.
  7. The Silence; rest; free grace to the praiseful; the Angel of the Presence.
  8. Persevering vision; persistent attention.
  9. Enchantment; magic (see HM 237.)
  10. The Hidden Light, giving birth to everything; the Great Resurrection.
  11. Drawing sustenance out of humiliation; the Elect Remnant, the Saving Residue.
  12. Full measure!

NOTE:  The foregoing summaries are all drawn from material in High Mysticism; there is further explication of number in Scientific Christian Mental Practice. Comparison of ideas therein with the foregoing will provoke unusual insight.