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Lecture Four: Spiritual Treatment


FOR REALIZATION:  I am lifted up in consciousness, and I embody the Moving Reality of this uplifted consciousness.

1.  What is ECH's concept of treatment?

"There is in reality no disease or imperfection whatever. When you realize this strongly I hope you will not treat anyone, for this realization is itself a treatment."  (SCMP 151.)

"You can quell the very roughness of the ocean storm by sending your steady word of peace over the waters, as Jesus Christ demonstrated.  They will respond.... When one seeming thing comes forth, through seeming trials, as the result of our treatments, we have touched the tenth stone of our City." (SCMP 215.)

"These treatments react upon ourselves, and do us as much good as they do our patients.  Around us and before us, in the plain sight of our mind, our spirit, and our soul, is our perfect power, ready to rise to accomplish the works of God."  (SCMP 173.)

"There are moments when your healing power will be wonderful. When those moments are gone you may feel mournful, but you must not mourn even about that, for you are to be cheerful under all circumstances.  Cheerfulness is a praiseful feeling.  It always indicates that the healing power is acting through you.  The cheerfulness may rise into ecstasy.  Then it is instantaneous healing.... Now speak again the name of the person you are thinking about, then speak it again, for there is something in a name that strikes down into the very soul of the Spirit, the deep mind and heart."  (SCMP 149.)

"Learn to get exactly right ideas, and you will after awhile educate the world by just thinking (spiritual) Science. You do not have to tell a man that he has no disease, that he never took a chill, etc., when every bit of him is sure that he had been in a draft and that he has influenza. You treat him silently."  (SCMP 138.)

"Many a case of sickness would come out for more enduring health if we would write out our treatments and read them over and over by ourselves.  One man, who could not feel any illumination from spiritual teachings, became highly inspired after he began to write down the Science.  It will be well for you to write out the treatments as much as you can.  If new ideas come to you, put them down.  They show that your mind is brightening by its own light."  (SCMP 154.)

"When you take your life in your hand, to speak of your own spiritual nature as it was at the time of your supposed birth in the flesh, do not stop short of six day's repetition of your treatments.  Deny that there are any causes, or results of causes, in you or around you, that could lead to disease, poverty or failure.  Take yourself for each year.  If you set out upon the journey of treating a case, even if that one is cured of his malady the first day, do not let his high welfare escape your faithful mind for six days.  This is a training process."  (SCMP 234.)

"Let the Spirit speak over us."  (Note SCMP 171-172.)

2. Compare the six-day treatments of ECH and of Charles Fillmore in tne following respects:

  1. Goal sought:  In both cases, freedom from error and demonstration of Truth.
  2. Methods used:  In both cases, denial of the mortal and affirmation of the Divine.  However, in general, ECH is more theistic, Fillmore more humanistic, but in a mystical sense.  ECH explicitly affirms truth about God and God's man, and involves consciousness more in Truth universalized.  CF affirms the True Self, the I AM, and involves the consciousness more in Truth individualized.
  3. Effectiveness:  In both cases, effectiveness depends always on the consciousness attained and sustained than on method.

3. State in a single brief sentence the essence of each of the six day's treatments according to ECH.

  1. My thoughts do not burden or afflict me; God is my Father and my Mother.  (Cf. SCMP 149-151.)
  2. I am not deceived by anything, and I show forth the Truth in every manifestation of my being.  (Cf. SCMP 172-173.)
  3. There is no sin in me, and therefore no disease; God is my health and cannot be threatened.  (Cf. SCMP 194-195.)
  4. Reality excludes evil and any contagion of evil in thought or manifestation.  God's good is my entire Reality. (Cf. SCMP 216-217.) 
  5. Foolishness and ignorance constitute no part of my being; I am the spiritual light that cannot fail.  (Cf. SCMP 236; and also note how Charles Fillmore emphasizes this thesis throughout the six days' treatments.)
  6. I am a perfect creation of the living God:  spiritual, harmonious, fearless, free.

"You are a perfect creation of the living God, spiritual, harmonious, fearless, free.  You reflect all the universe of Good.  From every direction, everywhere, come words of Truth, making you know that you are free, wise, and happy. You are satisfied with the world in which you live.  You show forth to the world health, wisdom, peace.  You show to me perfect health in every part of your being.  You are fearless, free, strong, wise, and able to do everything that belongs to you to do each day.  God works through you to will and to do that which ought to be done by you.

"You are a living demonstration of the power of Truth to set free into health and strength for living service to the world.  You acknowledge to the world that you are every whit whole.  You acknowledge to yourself, and to me that you are well and strong and alive through and through.  God is your life, health, strength, and support forever.

"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, I pronounce you well and strong.  As God saw the works of His hands Good, so I see you Good.  All is Good.  Amen."  (SCMP 262-263.)