Eric and Olga Butterworth: Meditations and Lessons

Box of cassettes of Eric Butterworth Sunday service talks

A church sent a box filled with hundreds of audio cassette recordings of Eric and Olga Butterworth's Meditations and Lessons from the time when they served at The Unity Center of New York. There are hundreds more, possibly thousands, out in the field.

If you would like, we will email to you each Friday a link to one of these meditations and lessons. They are a nice way to start off your weekend. To sign-up (for free) click here and choose “Eric and Olga Butterworth: Meditation and Lesson each Friday” on the form. If you are already subscribed to our mailing list, then you can add yourself to this special list by chosing "Update Subscription Preferences" at the bottom of each email.

Each email has a link to a separate page on TruthUnity. The first one, entitled An Affair of the Heart was sent out in June 2018. From that page, you can listen to the mediation and lesson, you can download audio files and, at least for now, each lesson will have a transcript.

The transcript is important—not only because it makes it available to those with hearing difficulty—but because it makes Eric and Olga's messages available to Google and other Internet search engines. That means their messages will show-up more often in Internet searches.

Having a separate page for each talk is also important because it allows you and others to add comments—thoughtful comments—about the ideas that Eric and Olga have left us. If you find one of these talks insightful, then know that you are helping promote the legacy of Eric Butterworth when you include a thoughtful comment.

Here are the published Meditations and Lessons:

  1. An Affair of the Heart
  2. An Attitude of Gratitude
  3. Alive, Awake, Enthusiastic
  4. A Smile On Your Face
  5. Affirmation vs. Auto-Suggestion
  6. A Contract for 1986
  7. The Cosmic Process of Love
  8. A New Insight Into Holy Communion
  9. Your Power to Succeed
  10. Your Power to Be Happy