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Eric Butterworth: The Ten Commandments (Audio)

The Ten Commandments Banner

Lecture 1: No Other Gods

Lecture 2: No Graven Images

Lecture 3: Do Not Take the Name of the Lord

Lecture 4: Keep the Sabbath Holy

Lecture 5: Honor Your Mother and Your Father

Lecture 6: Thou Shall Not Kill

Lecture 7: Do Not Commit Adultery

Lecture 8: Do Not Steal

Lecture 9: Do Not Bear False Witness

Lecture 10: Do Not Covet

Lecture 11: Reviewing the Ten Commandments


Rev. Nita Strauss Rev. Nita Strauss
Thank you, Rev. Nita Strauss, for creating digital copies of the original cassettes and for sharing them. Many people will be blessed by your giving.