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EBUP39: Expand Your God Concept

Eric Butterworth Unity Podcast #39

Eric Butterworth Sunday Services — Expand Your God Concept

So the question remains, what do you really believe about God? You know what you believe by how you find yourself acting. And you pray for healing, healing for help from God as the great healer. And you seek the awareness of the wholeness of life. And you have a particularly naughty problem. You approach God as the heavenly answer man? And you know that in your transcendent self, the answer is known in you.


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Most of us have grown up with a religion that deals with a universe of many parts. God and heaven above, earth and human life beneath, hell and Satan under the earth. I’m sure that many of you have changed to a non-man view of God, you’ve got omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omni-active. You probably have a lot of affirmations to prove it. Sometimes as we go along, we come to understand that many of these affirmations we accepted so goodly become mere words. The concept of God becomes what [Saint Ana 00:00:40] calls a floating literary symbol.

So the question remains, what do you really believe about God? You know what you believe by how you find yourself acting. And you pray for healing, healing for help from God as the great healer. And you seek the awareness of the wholeness of life. And you have a particularly naughty problem. You approach God as the heavenly answer man? And you know that in your transcendent self, the answer is known in you.

The old attitude duality dies hard. If I’m lingering remembrances of it, much of our conversation. A fine metaphysical person reflects a lingering sense of duality when he says, if you have a problem, you hold in the truth and you tell them, pop, God comes in. If he would’ve realized the perception that he has intimated, that this is kinda manipulating God. His teacher would probably say, no, that’s not right, God does not come in for God never went out. But he said it, he wrote it. Reveals this carry over of this duality of God and light.

How wide spread is this God in the skies relief? And that’s in the early education department of Unity School. It’s been following a year long theme, getting close to God. The symbol that they’ve chosen to use might’ve been picked up by someone in the advertising or art department. Symbolism, the rendering of the master work of Michelangelo is showing a massive manlike figure of God, as you see in the Sistine chapel in the ceiling in Rome. Reaching down, touching the outstretched hand of the man. It’s a great wonder if they intended to imply they’re reaching out there to God, but that’s the perception that the reader and the viewer can’t help but receive.

I call attention to this because someone was asking me, after reading this, what are they saying out there, what are they doing? Where are they going? And it was very difficult to recognize how to follow the traditional belief, how deep seated it is in our consciousness.

We occasionally need to refresh ourselves with the vision of Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill in the 17th chapter of Acts. He says, we guard away the world and everything in it, being lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by man. Does he serve by human hands as though he is anything since he gives to all life, all man life and breath and everything? He is not far from each one of us. For him we live and move, and have our being. How could the God of the sky’s concept have survived such a clear revelation?

Ask the average person if he believes in God. He’ll probably answer, well of course I do, of course. Ask him what his conception of God is, what he thinks God is to do with his everyday life, he’ll rarely have anything sensible to say. To most persons God is referred to chiefly in cliché such as, the man upstairs. Someone up there loves me, I’m going to meet my maker.

Most of us have grown up with a primitive concept of God. A big man, big and good, but still a big man living in the universe. This often implies a life and death struggle with evil and the forces of darkness. Preacher welcomes this congregation and all, and common statement. If you’re here today, the uniting and support of our God, he has a great battle on his hands with the devil. And if he fails it’ll be the end of all of us. What an anemic concept of the universal process.

To really because established in the new and final truth, is let’s say to break out of this box in self limitation. Check our thoughts, analyze our feelings. Those are to God, our relationship with the universe. Shocking as it may seem, the God of our fathers is no longer adequate. Life in the new age calls for a larger thought of God. It’s important to resolve the hang up about evil.

Christian churches run on largely, may the force of evil, and almost the central focus of theology. God the devil, raise their eternal struggle. The outcome is quite uncertain. The truth is of course, there’s only one presence and one power, God the good, omnipotent. That’s what that reminds me of this basic in our study of truth. Evil is not a power with an identity of its own. Even as simply a concealment of God, what we called sin, is under the frustration of potentiality.

Much of the confusion that is rife infested in theology comes from questionable spiritual scriptural translations, such as the fourth chapter of Matthew, the first verse. The authorized version reads, “Then was Jesus laid up of the spirit and to bewildering us to be tempted to the devil?”” This depicts God as a co-conspirator. You’re leading the person up into the wilderness to be tempted with ammo. Bring him into the devil’s hands. Of course it’s a poor translation. A more accurate translation runs it, when was Jesus led by spirit into the wilderness, there he was tempted.

The wilderness, you see, means a place of growth. And then Jesus’ desire to revolve and to unfold the Christ within him, he was loved to be his place of growth and overcoming. And he experienced something that all of us experience from time to time in our growth. He experienced what I call inertia, the resistance of change. You probably go through this process yourself in finding certain positive ideals of truth. You see, I’m putting in writing good logic to you. As you work to apply them, something in you says, he thinks he’s gonna get a hold of me, I’ll let him know that I’m in charge here. As if to say something positive and something where you calls back and says, oh yeah? That’s what I call inertia.

So the only thing to know that this same process, the same experience of overcoming is true of Jesus too because Jesus after all was tempted in all points such as we, yet without sin.

So you’re finding now that when we look at this statement of Jesus in the wilderness, he’s in this place of growth. And the human consciousness still has some overcoming to do. First the traditional portrayal of the wilderness experience shows the devil with horns and red coat fork tail, prodding Jesus to give into weakness. If these artist’s renderings, he’ll throw back to the old traditional idea of duality.

Some of you are acquainted with the Aquarian gospel. I like to make clear that this is not scripture, it’s some inspirational thoughts channeled through a man called Levi. There’s some very interesting insights in it. But recognize only if you recognize that it is not scripture, but some very helpful insights. In the Aquarian gospel it reads, the only devil from which man must be redeemed is the lower self. If you wanna find this devil, you must look within. And when the demon self has been dethroned, the savior in love will be exalted in the throne in fire. The devil and the burning fires are both the works of man, and none can put the fires out and dissipate the evil one, but man who made them both.

He said Jesus was not God becoming man for a while, but man becoming God on the quest to release his imprissoned splendor. It’s good to know that Jesus was tempted through his life. It’s not that he could not be tempted, but we would not. And so you have that clear realization. Not that he could not be tempted. He was very God as tradition has told us, there’s no way he could be tempted. Not that he could not but he would not be tempted. He was not very God, he was man in the process of experiencing that great God-ness within him, that wholeness, that oneness.

Taking charge of his mind, he spoke commandingly near the human’s gospel as he’s setting it down and get thee hence and there’s only one power, and only one I serve. He was not talking to a devil out there, the was talking to the human consciousness within himself. It was not really holding back.

From primitive times, man has tried to understand life and especially the illusion of what he called evil. Our problem is that we’ve had difficulty seeing life as a whole experience. We’re forever seeing in part. The word hades comes from the root word which means not to see, minus the reality in other words. Primitive man was certain that the lightning was chasing him, and the river drowned his brother on purpose. It was all attributed to an evil force. This dualism carried over into the Judaeo-Christian religion. It’s so formally rooted that a recent pope dedicated an entire speech to the subject of the devil from which we read, and I quote, “Satan truly exists as an active force in the world. He’s a dark and enemy agent with telling mysterious and piercing reality. A live spiritual perverting and perverted being. A hidden enemy who throws errors and misfortunes in human history.”

This kind of teaching lowers God to a second rate power. He elevates evil to the level of transcendence. This concept, this consciousness has sprung all kind of weird beliefs, as if Satanism, public Satan worship, riches, orgies, and hodgepodge of rushed superstitions. I’m sure they had, if it was a lot of bunkem and hokem. At times there’s confusion and uncertainty. You’re unhappy, you’re credulous, you’re vaguely neurotic, and those are always looking for some inside knowledge. Our easy rationalization of it, inhibited behavior and releasing all sorts of pent up frustrations. Belief in an evil force, which we see evidence in bumper stickers that say, “the devil made me do it”, revealed to all of society. It can be a cop out for people in for churches, cop out the defense for criminal behavior.

I love the story of the story of the girl, I was telling her mother about her new boyfriend. Her mother was asking about him, she says, is he nice? Oh yes, I like him very much. And she says, he’s asked me to marry him. And I says, what are you gonna do? I can’t marry him, he doesn’t even believe in God. Oh, he doesn’t even believe? He doesn’t believe in a hell. Mother said, go ahead and marry him dear, I’m sure that between the two of us we’ll convince him that he’s wrong ... That’s the only hell we’ll ever know.

Now as great at the need to expand our God concept, this means we’re gonna have to boldly confront all the legends and symbols of our religious faith that keep us from experiencing communion. One such symbol was the ark, which was supposed to house God. The Israelites carried God with him in the ark and and they weren’t winning the battle, they were captured, they were shattered. But then the ark was given a fixed place in the holy of hollies in the temple of Jerusalem, which soon came to be known as the house of the Lord. In the holy of holies, the ark was contained God who was always here. This thing in that society, it still prevails.

Great throngs of people stream into churches and synagogues ostensibly when you get close to God. But if you feel the presence of God in a church, it’s because you’re there. You feel it, you’re there. The feeling is the presence which you’ve brought with you, it’s always with you. You feel the presence in a meeting such as this, not because it’s here in the hall. It’s because it’s in you. And many of us gather together in this consciousness. We feel the presence and the presence becomes a dynamic force in this hall, because we’re a force in this hall because we’re here.

And we’ve broken with the God of tradition, Emerson says, and cease to worship with our God of intellect. God fires us with his presence. Break with the God of tradition? cease to worship the God of our intellect? Real traditionalists would say, that’s terrible, that’s atheism, that person must be an atheist. He’s called an atheist by many people in his day because it was quite shocking. We really come to understand Emerson as, he’s been one of my gurus. We find that he was probably one of the most spiritual men we’ve ever known.

This is an important aspect of God, breaking with the traditional concept, turning away from the intellectual construct of floating literary symbol, as Saint Ana says, experiencing the presence which is aways present, never absent. And as the Unity principle person, because God is omnipresent, the whole of God must be present in its entirety in every point in space. God is present where you are not just as a ray of light, but the whole of God, all life, all love, all wisdom, all present at the same time where you are. It’s insight the the intellect can hardly grasp. Tremendous realization of the allness of God.

Meister Eckhart, the amazing mystic of a mystic monk, had a great concept of what he called being. He says, if God is all existence, it is impossible that anything should exist apart from him, or this thing would be outside being. All things therefore in their substance are themselves God. Whatever else they posses in time and space is only in appearance.

The central peril of Judaism, under which Jesus concept was born, is the lovely Shema. Hear O Israel, the lord our God, the lord is one. This is the fundamental realization of God as principle. It is a principle of two plus two equals four. It certainly be a contrasting force of anti-math telling us to get three. If you follow this traditional concept of God out there, it’s a ridiculous extreme of the rampant force of evil down here. Every time we try to work out a problem there’s something forcing us, pushing us, prodding us to get the wrong answer. There are no wrong answers in the principle, mathematics is exact.

Same as gravity. It’s a force, it’s everywhere equally present. Gravity doesn’t lure you to jump off the window and to fall off the curb. It’s there as a process, a force, ever present. Holds you on the ground and keeps you in your chair, it keeps you balanced. And when we get out of tune with the reality of gravity, we fall out, fall over, and it becomes a negative force. Its important that we see this ... there is a great insight of Saint Augustine, I use it often, God is a circle that centers everywhere, the circumference is nowhere. A circle who’s center is everywhere, but circumference is nowhere.

It’s a classic truth. I mentioned this and someone said, oh yeah that’s great, I could draw a picture of that. This person’s coming forward in the classroom, two pieces of chalk and the blackboard. The person started out to draw, and all of a sudden the circle is, circumference is nowhere and center’s everywhere. How do you draw that? In the moment of imagery, pick a spot to focus on. Maybe a bench in the park, lovely retreat kinds in the by runs, there may be out in space beyond the solar system, where there’s no moon or sun. Looking out in all directions seeing stars. Whoever you are, you’re at the same sight because you’re the center of the whole universe, and it all stretches out from you. There’s no circumference, no limit.

In the face of any conflict or problem or emergency, you can recapture that image right where you are. In your work when you’re having harassment, or problems with the management responsibilities you’ve been given, or physically when you find it difficult to get up in the morning, the headaches, your whole body seems to be pulling downward. To do the thing you get still, center yourself, the center of the universe. There’s no place where God is not. The whole of God is present in his entirety, in every point in space at the same time. The whole of God life is present in your body, the whole of God substance is present in your financial affairs. The whole of divine intelligence is present in your mind when you’re facing a difficult problem.

Put yourself centered in that realization. So that means that you hold in consciousness. In the face of any conflict or problem or emergency, get that image of being the center. And there’s no circumference, no limit. As Plotinas says, the whole universe comes rushing, streaming, pouring into you from all sides while you sit quiet. If you’ve grasped the idea of the all-ness of God, get away from the thought of God out there somewhere localized. See God as a divine intelligence that is present everywhere, equally present. If you can know this, you can see yourself at the center of the whole. And however the process, rushing, streaming, pouring into you from all sides while you sit quiet.

There’s no place, no situation, no person where you cannot focus this metaphor of a circle and the center is precisely their place. Because of the limitlessness of the universe, present is helping every need. Can you realize and begin to practice this oneness? Which means God in you expressing as you, you must say, your God is not great enough. Quite often I tell a person who’s outlining some problems and needs, you need a larger concept of God. You’ve got God out there somewhere and you have a problem and you’re unconsciously reaching across the separation trying to beg with God and plead with him to come to your help. But the more you practice the absence of God in this way, you’re actually keeping yourself from demonstrating the fullness of divine process within you. Get a larger concept of God.

Then you get this concept of oneness. You find this division God concept will give rise to all sorts of doubts, and you find yourself saying, reflecting the old idea of the God in the skies, how did God allow the baby to be killed? How did God allow the wars to rage? How could God have permitted this accident to occur? All that comes out of incomplete awareness of God. Mistakenly looking at God through your challenges. I want you to challenge this terrible thing that’s happened. And then through the challenge, look out to God, how could you have let this happen? Where were you, where’d you get on the job? Almost as if you’re telling God that he must prove himself. God is not a performer who must continually audition for a new part, prove himself worthy of the role. God has changed this principle.

Not a way of doing certain things, but certain way of doing all things. God is a ground or depth or primal force by which we stand, and by which you see things rightly and deal with things effectively. And so then trying to see God through your problem, the point is to begin to see your problem through God. In which you begin to see this through spirit colored glasses. The most important glasses of your concept that you’re working to expand is the great idea that Jesus articulated and demonstrated, the idea of God in you. The kingdom of God within.

However less you lose the thread here, God is not in you like a raisin is in a button, a button is in a glass of water. Because the raisin and the bun remain separate entities. And the button and the water are always two items. Pretend, my naively say sometimes say God is in me, wherever I go, God is in me. It’s true. It’s so important that we understand what we’re saying. In many ways we’re saying, I succeeded in getting God out of the skies, get him down and inside me somewhere. Sometimes I have a hard time finding him, sometimes he goes into the far reaches of my body and I don’t know where he is.

So we haven’t really gotten rid of the old concept at all. God is in you, as the ocean is in a wave. Think of that. God is in you as the ocean is in a wave. The world has form in shape and movement. You can see it has a great breaker on the ocean where the surf riders ride these giant waves graciously, with poise and beautiful expression into the shore. There’s no way that you can be separated from, the wave can be separated from the ocean. This is oneness. There’s no way you can be separated from God. The wave is the ocean expressing as a wave, and you are the activity of God expressing as you.

But you expand the field of vision of this ocean in a wave metaphor from your perspective of fish floating through the water. Where’s the ocean? Can the fish find the ocean? Can he know the ocean, can he become aware of it? Probably not, it’s the medium in which he lives. So he floats in it and swims through it all of his life. Man however has basic intelligence. He found ultimately to understand himself in the universe in which he lives. He leaps into the ocean, he’s nowhere, which you would note is also now here, think of a word as an existing word. Separate the W from the H, nowhere, now here.

God is nowhere. You’re trying to find or contact God out there, the green pastures kind of God, the majestic figure with white robes and a long white beard, long hair and white billowing clouds. You can never find him, God is nowhere. But if you be still and know, you find that God is now here. I’m meeting you from without, but carrying forth from within. I’m doing things for you, working through you. Take some time for reflecting on that, wave is the ocean expressing in a wave.

There’s a bible paradox that has confused people for ages. First chapter of John 18th verse says, “No man has seen God at anytime.” Very empahtic, no questions, no man has seen God at anytime. Strange enough in the beatitudes Jesus says, blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God. No man has seen God, grace of the God is nowhere. The pure in heart should see God, relates to the God is now here. Understand the difference? God is not a person to be found anywhere.

And when you get into awareness of the one, your oneness with that one, you begin to see with this virtual perspective. You see from God consciousness, and you see God in all persons, in all experiences. Blessed are the pure of heart for they should see God. To see from the consciousness of God. Don’t see God out here in the human form, God like form, an apparition or somehow outward movement. He created an oneness with you, we see from that consciousness as oneness. He project that seeing wherever they look. He’s asked that the word eye, ayin is the word A-Y-I-N. It literally means fountain. This is the key to the most creative kind of seeing of spiritual perception.

The eye does not simply record impressions we see from out there. And we understand the whole creature and the intelligence that works in man, the ayin is a fountain that projects consciousness like a search light. In the highest kind of seeing, just look at a person and you feel his healing influence when you’re seeing from the consciousness of oneness. You don’t have to cry praise and exaltation, go on about whom your concerned. For often the person who prays with a loud voice prays long and hard about a problem, he’s praying to the absence of God. He’s trying to reach across the separation. Oh God, please help me. He may shout in a loud voice, he may mumble, he may cry, he may beg and plead. But God is nowhere.

When he gets still realizes his oneness with God. The medium in which he lives, like the fish lives in the water. All knowing, all present, all accurate, wholly present, wholly active. And he gets still knows his oneness. How did that consciousness of oneness? He sees. And his sign of seeing becomes the fountain of truth. He projects that consciousness. The thing on which you look, use consciousness of oneness, feels that consciousness and is blessed by it.

I discovered this in a room of a subway, you’re surrounded by strange people. You get this stillness, this consciousness oneness. A little person, a person crippled, a person with a look of despair on their face, a person with that sense of apathy that is so often present. Look at him in that consciousness. No other person there, not with ego, projecting that awareness of oneness. You invariably see that person look up and smile. It’s not just thought transference, it’s something more than that. The projection of the greatest power in the universe is the key to blessing and healing. Even separated from distances, look out at another person from the consciousness of oneness with God, and behold the perfect child of God. Almost as if the projection of this light will release the appearance of darkness, dissolves the mask of unfriendliness and hatred and bitterness and confusion. And beholds and salutes the child of God, Namaskar. And divinity in me sees and experiences and addresses and salutes the divinity within you.

I was with our clergymen with destroying God, inducing prayer to bold, braise in affirmations. How can one destroy God and reduce principle anyway? Whoever believes that God can be destroyed has never found God. He’s involved in what Saint Ana calls the floating literary symbol. If you know God, he says then you don’t have anything capable of destruction, you’re one with the divine process. What I do is challenge the person to destroy his limited intellectual construct of God. That’s not destroying God. It’s like saying, I have God out here somewhere. You can show a picture on a blackboard. G-O-D in a circle, I believe in God. As long as I believe in God, I can’t believe in God, the wholeness of God. And believing in something out here, the three letter word.

So what happens then is the triangle, praying to God about a problem, going a round about way. I say how much better it is to eliminate the middle man. Break with the God of tradition, destroy the God of intellect, erase this G-O-D on the blackboard. Get rid of it. As long as you have that out there, you’re involved in the absence of God will always be a problem. Break with that God of tradition. Know your oneness with the presence of God, the presence which is always present, all present, can never be absent. You’re in it, you’re moving through it. It’s simply with you, it can’t be absent from you. From that point of view, I’m a bit happy when the man says, I’m destroying God, because nobody can help people to destroy God in the human consciousness, three letter word, the person will know God is principle, God is present.

And one may say, and it’s a good question, how can they pray to a principle? Now you’re beginning to take a step in progress to get involved in a larger field. You don’t pray to principle. Prayer’s to get a new understanding of prayer, for spirit is not reaching to God or asking something from God. Ignoring the truth, realizing oneness, dealing with the God is now here metaphor. Those idea was that prayer was a means of trying to reach God somewhere out there, in the awareness in space, try to get him to listen to us, come to our aid, solve our problems. The truth of that is, we wanna understand the principle of oneness, and our oneness in the one. That the presence is present as us, and we draw upon the infinite potential realized by which we solve our own problems or dissolve them.

Note if you will how Jesus prayed. He was called to the tomb of Lazarus where his friend had been dead for three days in the tomb. He didn’t stand at the tomb of Lazarus and plead with God to return his friend, simply to decried his oneness with God. I am the resurrection and the light. In a loud voice, he called forth, Lazarus, come forth. How can he be so sure? Why is the mathematician so confident the mathematics principle? Simply because it is principle, he is principle. He knows his unerring. But we think of accusing principle in math for an error in conversation. It never occurred for Jesus to trace the death of Lazarus to God.

It is is the now or here of God that we talk about God’s will and our bereavement. God has taken a loved one home, suffered to accept it because it’s God’s will, what are we gonna do about it? Jesus said, it is not the will of my father that one of these should perish. The word of God is always all and only, the cease is longing of the creator to protect that in which its created. That was the idea of healing direction, prosperity, blessing. Thy will be done means at the wholeness, the allness expressed in me as an eachness. Jesus you remember used the son as the symbol for God. He calls as his rays to fall upon the just and the unjust alike. He visited the hospital bed, the prison cell in the palace. And no other person admits it.

So what’s the God principle? There’s no spot where God is not. And because God is principle, he would be exhausted, restrained or drained. Another illustration I use often ... just imagine every man woman and child in the world, some four billion more or less, you draw on a piece of paper or you draw in the sand, working on his own mind in this way. Two plus two, draw a line, what’s the answer? Four. Four billion people working on the problem at the same time, can you imagine the principle calling out, ouch? There’s no strain or drain, it’s ridiculous. All can find the same answer using the same principle.

It’s something we understand of our relationship with God. There can be no strain or drain upon God. Whatever the person will say, I’ve asked God for so much, he better work it out along this time. God has too many other things to do, you gotta work out, experience with the Russians. He’s gonna take care of difficult problems we have, he’s gonna take care of our economy. Certainly I can take care of my own age.

How important is it to know that God is an allness, is ever present in the essence of man? Back and forth is ever present, never absent. And we live in it, move in it, and have our being in it. Because this is fundamental law, and it’s true of every person as well as Jesus. It’s true even of Pilot and Judas and every common thief. It has to be true or it’s not principle, you can’t have it both ways. If God is principle, God is an allness that is present equally everywhere in all persons in all situations. Every person is a spiritual being, every person. Including that one next door that you wish would keep quiet, and the person who’s harassing you at your work. Every person is a spiritual being, a child of the universe. Only if you know it and if you are succeeding in expressing any mark of the perfection of Christ indwelling.

But this way our God self is concealed and frustrated, and we tend to experience the shadows of human consciousness. And this interpret them as outside evil forces. What we need to say is what Jesus said, get the hands, there’s only one God, he only will I serve. I love vision and the imagery of Wordsworth, he describes the sense of the God presence as beautiful. I’m actually gonna read a part.

He says, “The sense of something far more deeply inner fused who’s dwelling is the light of setting suns, from the ground ocean and the living air, and the blue sky. In the mind of man, emotional and spirit, it entails all thinking things, all objects of all thought, and rose through all things.”

And we invite you now to be still, and to join me in a expansive imagery ... At this time, where as normally it’s a matter of praying to God. I like to feel that, I like to be brought in us as an intelligence that already knows our needs, he’s aware of our growth. He’s aware of what’s in our heart. Instead of praying in words or praying in a way that could be construed as trying to contact God out there, just get still and through an imaging process, get a sense of the greatness within you.

I want you to go through an exercise, you’ve learned it all the way. Don’t resist it. Let the image take hold of you. It’ll give you a whole new insight of your relationship to the universe. In your image, look off in the distance. See a light which is sort of like a sunlight object, the sun up off beyond the horizon. Look at that sun, that ball of light, that fairy orb. See it coming closer, closer, closer. As it gets closer it gets larger, larger, and larger. It begins to take over more of the horizon around you. As you come closer and closer to this fairy orb, soon it covers your entire sky. You can’t see anything else but the light of that object. You see yourself confidently going right through that object, right through it, like Alice in Wonderland going through the looking glass.

Then you come out through the other side. Around you, you see a sun and a light. All is light. You don’t see light, you see from that light. This is enlightenment. And we see from the perspective of that light process. Light can be said as Jesus said, I am the light of the world, I am the light. Take this exercise, use it at home from time to time to stretch your spiritual muscles. We have an idea of the allness of God. And through this perception which is three dimensional between the intellectual, going through it. Come out the other side. You no longer see anything, you see from something. In order to see the light, you see from the light. And you are enlightened.

Enlightenment doesn’t mean getting a lot of information, a lot of words, a lot of wisdom. This is all hung up in intellectual constructs. Enlightenment means being in the light, seeing from the light like a fountain seeing light. That’s enlightenment. You’d do well to enlighten yourself every morning before you go off to work, give your perspective. Once you become a fountain for the projection of that light, it opens your way before you. It comes to influence some people in situations. I want you to go through and experience the day with light and guidance and success and fulfillment ...

Let’s just give thanks for the larger thought of God. Accept the commitment to work from day to day, to get larger and larger perspective of the intelligence of the universe. And Jesus said, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Amen.