On The Air (Audio and Transcript)

Eric Butterworth On The Air Inside Jacket Cover

Hi Friends —

Here are twelve of Eric Butterworth's finest radio broadcasts. Each 30-minute audio recording explores a topic crucial to the development of higher consciousness, according to Eric Butterworth's perspective on spiritual development. Combined, they offer a solid foundation for the Truth student.

The talks are so valuable that we have had them transcribed. So you may listen and read the transcript by clicking on any of the twelve links to the right.

But the work for this resource is not complete. What has been done is digitizing the audio and obtaining an un-edited transcript. What remains is the segmentation of the audio and the transcript for each talk. For that task, we need a volunteer editor. The task is to listen to these talks and identify when he goes from one point to the next. Each time he moves to another point, we need a header placed in the transcript. In other words, we need each talk to be segmented. Another task is to just fix any errors that the transcriber might have made. So it's all about editing and segmenting a transcript to make it easy for a listener/reader to navigate. If you can do this, then I'll send you the audio files and the text files. You can listen on your web browser, but you will probably want to load the audio into iTunes or some other audio player so that you can easily start, stop, and backup.

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