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Getting The Clear Realization

Frank B. Whitney - Getting The Clear Realization

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Frank B Whitney - Getting The Clear Realization


F.B. Whitney

Published by UNITY Kansas City, MO. 1924

JESUS Christ, the great teacher and healer, was able to heal the sick because of his clear perception that man, in reality, is spiritual. He cleared from the consciousness of the sick the belief that man is something sinful or diseased.

When the student of Truth asks, "Why do I not demonstrate health?" the answer may be given: "You need to get a clearer realization of the truth about yourself." The teachings of Jesus and his associates, interpreted by the light of one's own indwelling Spirit, will give one the illumination that dispels misconceptions and reveals Truth.

When one perceives that metaphysical healing is based on principle, he no longer needs to exercise blind faith and great mental effort. Truth requires neither; it is helped by neither. A true science must stand upon its own great truths.

Christian healing, then, does not come about through the exercise of will power; neither is it a "faith cure," as it is often called by those who have not grasped its significance. It might more consistently be called an understanding cure. "The excellency of knowledge is, thai wisdom giveth life to them that have it." (A. V.)

Man's spiritual consciousness comprises all absolute truth about himself; grasping the spirit of this teaching, he knows that nothing else can be true. This consciousness recognizes no power, conscious intelligence, or presence apart from itself. To the individual it is the One—the one presence, one power, one reality, one principle, one science, one true knowledge.

When one enters into spiritual consciousness he finds the same power, love, wisdom, and life that Jesus enjoyed and exercised. At the center of his spiritual consciousness, Jesus found God, the fundamental of all Truth.

The mission of the Great Teacher was to free other men from the speculation, superstition, and error of theology and physiology. Jesus realized that man can rise to the consciousness that he has within him the key to all power.

This consciousness wipes out the belief that God is external to man and that man must seek remedies in the external, or that people or conditions on the outside can affect or injure him.

When one gets the spirit or meaning of Truth, it becomes part of his spiritual consciousness. His realization of Truth is so alive, so spirited, that it is an all absorbing reality. Preceding all spiritual conviction that a thing is true is the conviction that the opposite is not true.

Your ability to demonstrate Truth is commensurate with your spiritual convictions. The truth about health must be so all-absorbing and so dominating that you cannot conceive of anything but health. To the degree that you can conceive of disease as a reality, even as a possibility, to man, to that extent you weaken your ability to demonstrate and to manifest health.

The salesman would say: "You need to sell the merits of the thing to yourself [your own consciousness] before you can hope to 'sell' your customer [your body or affairs]." The lawyer would word it thus: "So long as you [in your own consciousness] are doubtful and unconvinced, you cannot expect to convince the other fellow [your body]."

We can see the importance of relying upon our own spiritual consciousness. God can never be any more to us than the higher power, intelligence, and presence that we contact within. Divine Mind, to the individual, is his own spiritual consciousness.

Students of Truth who are looking to some mind apart from themselves to send them good thoughts will ultimately be compelled, as Jesus was, to turn to and rely solely upon the spirit within.

"Omni-science" means "all true science or knowledge." We may think of the word conscience as meaning "with true science or knowledge, that within us which contacts spiritual truth as based upon scientific knowledge." To one in the absolute consciousness, the principle of Truth is omniscient, as it is the principle of all true science and wisdom. Omniscience is all; there is no room for wisdom and knowledge, so called, that are based upon falsity.

One who has perceived what omniscience is can give no place or credence to beliefs in disease and death, or to fallacious beliefs about God, that flaunt themselves as scientific. To be truly scientific, a thing must be based upon absolute Truth, upon God.

That which is Truth must be universal Truth and it can make no allowance for that which is not true in the absolute. The principle of Truth cannot know or provide for any "principles" in opposition to Truth; it is not called upon to explain or sustain falsehood.

Jesus considered sin, disease, fear, and poverty as having no intelligence, no presence, and no power in the spiritual and real order of things.

To the mathematician, the principle of mathematics is omniscient, in that all scientific truth about mathematics is wrapped up within it, although there is no knowing of or providing for any principles or laws of mathematical mistakes or miscalculations. The mathematician cannot conceive of a rule for miscomputations. If such a rule were possible, every one who did not know that three and four equal seven would always make the mistake of adding them up as some other sum, possibly five. The mathematician cannot conceive of any condition whereby three and four would not make seven.

We might say that Jesus Christ applied a sort of spiritual mathematics and revealed the fact that disease is a minus quantity, less than nothing and not existent in his consciousness of omniscience. His science, mind, or wisdom knew only the truth about man.

Knowing but one science, one mind, and one wisdom, his omniscience would not include the sciences and the wisdom not based upon Truth.

Since sickness has no presence, existence, or reality, in Truth, it has no omnipresence, because to Him, Truth and health and good were the real—that which has existence and presence. Omnipresence is all presence. In metaphysics, God is recognized as the one and only being, presence and existence. Lack and disease have no reality or presence.

To Jesus, disease had no omnipotence, since he knew that Truth and life and love have all power. Omnipotence is all power. God is the one and only power.

Man, in ignorance and in hallucination, may think that evil has power, but the Truth is that God alone is all the power that there is. To Jesus the only power was the power of his indwelling God. The metaphysician knows that God has all power, and therefore that disease and lack have no power.

The ministry of Jesus consisted in freeing men from a belief in external powers and adverse presences and in showing that external powers and adversaries are but self-inflicted beliefs that are powerless and nonexistent because they are not founded upon the truth of God.

The best healer is the one who can get a clear realization that disease has no reality, science, presence, or power. His duty is to arouse the patient to the consciousness that God alone is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. When the patient catches this truth, there is nothing left for him to experience except the presence and power of God in his own consciousness and in his body.

The intelligence and the power of Truth cannot be perverted or misused. There is only one real power, the power of spiritual consciousness.

Man has free will to think the Truth or the lie, but he cannot empower the lie with the potency of reality or the intelligence of Truth. He does not possess the power to do this.

There is but one Truth, one divine science or mind, one spiritual consciousness, one truth about man. It is not personal.

That which is true about Christ is true of you; likewise the statement that is untrue of Christ is untrue of all men. Christ is the divinity in man. When we, like Jesus, realize this we manifest our Christhood.

Truth can be realized at any time, at any place. Its universal application makes it much more desirable than a system of medicine or theology that would not always be available. The existence and the presence of Truth are metaphysical, beyond physical limitations, but Truth is brought into practical application through realization.

Mind, Truth, Principle, and love do not exist anywhere in the sense of having three dimensions, shapes, boundaries, or circumferences. One cannot say that a scientific truth is here or there; it is within man's ability to realize Truth. Jesus located the kingdom of God as being within man. It lies within you, within your consciousness, within your ability to find that kingdom.

The clear conviction that Jesus used in healing came through a process of elimination and realization; Truth was harvested by sifting the tares of ignorant race beliefs and fanciful dogmas. We eliminate that which is not founded upon Truth, and make no excuses for it. In healing, this became Jesus' method: He wiped from the consciousness the beliefs that do not agree with the truth about man.

Since in absolute Truth man is perfect, never diseased, never afraid, always loving, and always alive, we need not feel that we are too bold or too abstract in declaring these truths.

A marksman cannot discharge a rifle by degrees; he has to aim, decide, and then act. If a man keeps himself related to the theology of paganism and the medical beliefs of savagery, he cannot contact his own indwelling spirit.

Mortal consciousness is the sum of all that is untrue about man; it is mortal, death-producing. Its spurious philosophy deals entirely with external appearances and with old fables about the nature of man. This subtle wisdom of serpent-like character would lure man from the garden of Eden, the consciousness of his own mastery, completeness, and dominion.

Jesus helped his followers to perceive Truth by demesmerizing them of foolish notions. He healed them by helping them to unthink, unsee, and undo the injuries that they had inflicted upon themselves through ignorance.

If an Englishman believed that he were a Chinaman, he would need to be freed from the delusion before he could perceive his true nationality. Those who believe themselves to be men of the earth are bound by material conditions, disease, and death until they are awakened to their Christhood. The ability of Jesus or any other teacher and healer to behold man in his true, spiritual nature, is the power that frees and heals man.

A healer does not personally heal another in the sense that his brain, his personality, or his physical body does the work. Of himself he can do nothing. The spiritual truth that is imparted always does the work. The healer heals another when he succeeds in arousing that one to a consciousness of the truth about himself. Jesus was a great healer because he had such a clear realization of the truth about man. When those who came to Jesus for healing contacted his consciousness, they gave up the misconceptions that they had, and accepted the knowledge of Truth that he imparted.

All metaphysical healing comes through spiritual consciousness and is a mental process, not a physical process. It needs no such aids as the special systems of health that often are employed to treat the physical body. Each man must be a law to himself in such matters; what is best for one man at a certain stage of development is not so good for another. One should not make arbitrary health rules for another; one should let him be guided by his own indwelling spirit to choose his own.

In treating metaphysically, one is not working with the physical body or with the appearance of disease, but with true and untrue beliefs in consciousness. A statement about man in the absolute is true. One does not find health by experiencing disease; he finds health when he enters the consciousness of health.

The method of Jesus calls one away from externals, from outer causes and effects, and directs the individual to ask what is his belief about himself—to ask whether it be material or divine. Truth deals entirely with the true nature of man, and its purpose is to become established in place of falsehood; it transforms man's body by renewing the mind through right ideas. Therapeutics falls short in that it does not change the consciousness; its field is in externals.

Jesus realized that in Truth there is neither sin nor disease to be healed; there is only the false belief about man to be eradicated. The theologian turns men away from wicked living by first converting or changing their consciousness. In the same way the Christian healer turns them away from adversity in their bodies and their affairs by changing the consciousness to one of good.

In metaphysical treatment the belief in sin and sickness is deprived of personality. The real man of God cannot be sick; failing to comprehend the truth about himself, one personalizes the adverse beliefs about man and becomes the personification of adversity.

Truth is man's salvation, because it frees him from the old order of things. This order comprises beliefs that man is material, susceptible to sickness and death. Jesus is Savior because his teaching saves men from themselves, from their ignorance, and from the malicious delusions of the race. Through him, worldly wisdom with all its attendant fables and traditions is replaced by spiritual understanding. Jesus knew that right understanding always meets every human need.

The difference between the life, the health, and the success of two men is primarily a difference in consciousness. One has demonstrated and manifested disease and failure because he has had the mental conviction that he is subject to disease and failure. Another has had the conviction that he is spiritual, and this realization has been embodied in his flesh as perfect health and wholeness.

One is of the tribe of Adam, the other of Christ. The Adam man fills his flesh with the thorns of adversity, because in consciousness he has perceived himself pricked by adverse conditions.

The follower of Christ (the second Adam , or the second order of men) beholds man as masterful and perfect. Were all people in the world today to give up ignorant beliefs about man and to think the truth as taught by Jesus, the millennium would today be ushered in and heaven would be here and now manifest.

Paul found a people worshiping an unknown God, ignorantly exercising blind faith toward something that it did not comprehend. To attempt to be healed through blind belief in some external power or presence is little short of pagan worship.

Faith is closely related to fidelity. It can be engendered only when Truth is understood and the spiritual vision is open. To pledge faith and loyalty to something that we know to be true is an easy matter.

If you feel that your faith is weak, seek to know more about the thing in which you want to have faith. When you have the conviction that the thing is absolutely true, you will find yourself standing loyally and faithfully for it.

Take the faith that you have in adverse conditions, the belief that you have in disease and lack, and transform them into faith in Truth and health and plenty. If one has faith that certain laws of disease operate for him he weakens his faith in the laws of Truth and the principle of Spirit.

Many persons, through meditating upon the words, "Jesus Christ," have made contact with their own Christ consciousness. Jesus used the words, I AM, for this purpose. It is interesting to note here that, the Frenchman says, "Je suis," for "I am." The purpose of all affirmations of Truth, of all silences and treatments, is to bring the individual to a realization of absolute Truth.

The method of prayer or the system of metaphysical treatment avails nothing. That prayer is best that gives one the clearest realization of what man is in Truth.

Often a person does not get the clear realization of Truth because the lie about man cannot easily be dislodged from his consciousness. He is more aware of the belief that he is mortal, subject to death, than he is of the truth that he is invincible and immortal.

The argument of Truth as taught by Jesus must win over the appeal of the mortal and the carnal. If a man can but perceive that he is not an animal or a worm of the dust, but is spiritual and divine, he is saved the laborious process of denial and affirmation.

Some people fall into a system of denying and affirming which is little more than self-hypnosis. They are forcing the mind to accept something for the sake of health, not because they spiritually perceive it to be true.

In the Psalms God is recorded as saying of men: "Ye are gods." The Jews stoned Jesus because he taught this truth and affirmed it for himself. It was so true to Jesus that he could not teach otherwise. In healing, he knew men as gods, not as pathological masterpieces.

Jesus, through his Christ consciousness, caused men to see themselves not as invalids but as sons of God. Relieving their consciousness of the race belief in disease, he relieved their bodies of disease.

Man is righteous when he is rightminded. When he has gained the right concept of what he is in Truth, when this concept has displaced the belief that man is something perishable, then only is he righteous and right-minded. One of the ante-Nicene fathers left this for our consideration: " When man gains the crown of righteousness, then he is God."

One is right-minded and godlike when he has let the truth of Jesus Christ clear his mind of all falsity. Learn to put every suggestion which comes to your mind through this test: "Is it true according to the absolute?" Do not remain in the race belief that a thing is real and true because it appears to the physical eye.

Jesus' clear realization of the divinity of man was so strong that it could wrest the most chronic false beliefs from the sick and replace them with the truth. Those who heal in his name do likewise, with his authority.

Those who claim that Christian healing belongs entirely to Jesus, put him in the class of cheap miracle workers and magicians. It was not the personality of Jesus or some special miracle-working power that healed men. They were set free from disease and adversity by the Truth that he taught.

You have the power to teach the Truth to men and give them their freedom. You have the Christ authority to continue the work of Jesus and to do even greater works than Jesus did.

If you would heal yourself or others, first get the clear realization of what man is in Truth, of what you are, of what all men are. Then know the truth so persistently that you cannot be swayed from the conviction.

Man in reality is no more susceptible to fear, hate, cancer, or headache than is Truth or love or wisdom. When you know this, adverse beliefs and ignorant conceptions find no response in you, and you are no longer an agent for their operation and dissemination.

It is as reasonable to speak of the figure seven or the color blue as having indigestion or tuberculosis as it is to speak of the man of God as being afflicted by these beliefs.The idea of perfect man is your blueprint for bringing into manifestation perfect health and success.

Once you have realized the fact clearly, you need in the future have no fear of disease. Keep the mind steadied upon the Truth of God, knowing with Jesus Christ that your own divinity will manifest.

Stayed upon Jehovah,
Hearts are fully blest,
Finding, as he promised,
Perfect peace and rest.



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