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Frank Whitney: Daily Word Meditation

Frank Whitney

How To Meditate With the Daily Word

Hi Friends,

Do you read the Daily Word? Is it a part of your daily devotional practice? Would you like to learn about a process that incorporates affirmations, silence and Scripture into a Daily Word Meditation? What I have to offer this morning is an article that describes how you can do that.

But the the article is much more. It was written in June 1985 and published in Contact magazine, the internal publication of the Association of Unity Churches. The writer describes how, at that time, the AUC, Silent Unity and other Unity School departments started each day with this simple meditation process.

The article speaks for itself. A Daily Word meditation is, as the article says, “a creative venture, and any of the suggestions can be used in a variety of ways.” Unity grew rapidly in the 1980s and my impression is that this Daily Word meditation inspired much of the growth.

I hope we can get beyond reading the Daily Word to meditating the Daily Word, that we can incorporate it into our Sunday services and our organizational gatherings as well as our daily devotional. As the article says, “There is a wealth of material and inspiration all packed within this beautiful magazine. By giving it further study and use we shall hear the right words.”

Mark Hicks
Sunday, April 30, 2023


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Frank Whitney

Daily Word Meditation

Contact newsletter
June 1985

Frank B. Whitney had a divine idea to create, compile and develop daily inspirational messages that would put before each reader a new thought of truth each day. In 1924 it came into being as the Daily Word with Mr. Whitney as first editor. Since that time it has been circulated throughout the world and read by people from all religious persuasions.

In A Golden Treasury 50 Years With Daily Word it states, “A great deal of love and prayer have surrounded Daily Word. It has been a part of Silent Unity from its inception, prepared and printed and backed by prayer.” From this little magazine comes the pearl of great price for many people, because it provides ideas to live by, ideas to strengthen their understanding of Truth, ideas that will enable them to know and experience God. In our Association of Unity Churches office the day begins with the Daily Word reading; in Silent Unity and other Unity School departments it starts the day; in our centers and churches it sometimes is used in the Order of Service. Its message is a prayer and uplift for many souls. One advantage of this periodical is that it provokes thinking, and in Paul’s words, it causes one to “think on these things;” therefore it becomes a great source for meditations.

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We would like to share with you some ways by which you may want to use the Daily Word for meditations.

1. Read it just as it is, pacing the flow with approximately three- to six-second intervals between key ideas. When completed, a quiet time of up to 30 seconds could be held followed by Amen.

2. Take the affirmation at the top of the page and repeat at least twice, then ask those present to join in stating it. This could be followed by emphasizing the word captioned in the box for the day. Read the message slowly, pacing the flow evenly. Approximately halfway through, hold silence for approximately ten seconds. Upon completing the article hold silence for several seconds and then emphasize the word for the day (taken from the box). Encourage meditating on it and knowing its meaning for them. This is a good time to extend the quiet time one to five minutes, depending on the feeling and purpose of the experience. To withdraw from this period repeat the affirmation twice, then ask the group to join in stating it, followed by giving the Scripture at the bottom and bringing to a close with “Amen.”

3. This third approach will require a more creative involvement. It is especially good when time is not a factor or for extended periods of time. The one leading the meditation will prepare in advance ideas to expand from those given in the reading. This can be done through-out the sharing.

Using Daily Word for meditations is a creative venture, and any of the aforementioned suggestions can be used in a variety of ways. Even newer approaches may be developed. There is a wealth of material and inspiration all packed within this beautiful magazine. By giving it further study and use “we shall hear the right words.”