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Metaphysical meaning of immaculate conception (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of immaculate conception (rw)
immaculate conception--(Luke 1:26-35). The coming into activity of the Christ in us is the result of an exalted idea sown in the mind. Therefore Mary, the soul, becomes devout and expectant and believes in the so-called miraculous as a possibility. Mary expected the birth of the Messiah as the Holy Spirit had promised. She was overshadowed by that high idea, and it formed in her mind the seed that quickened into the cell. In due season there were aggregations of cells strong enough in their activity, and what is called the birth of Jesus took place.

Metaphysically interpreted, Mary, the virgin mother, represents a pure state of mind that ponders spiritual things and believes in revelations from angels and messengers from God.

Mary was "found with child of the Holy Spirit," which refers to the miraculous conception by which the Virgin Mary is held to have conceived without original sin. Joseph, not fully understanding the prophecy, "was minded to put her away privily," which refers to the fact that in the first stages of the birth of Christ in us we do not understand the process, and sometimes are moved to put it away from us.

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