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Metaphysical meaning of Zoheleth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zoheleth (mbd)
Zoheleth, zo'–he–leth (Heb.)--creeping; crawling; slippery; sliding; serpent; timidity; fearfulness.

A stone just outside Jerusalem, near the well of En–rogel, where the men who followed Adonijah gathered, and Adonijah sacrificed, sheep, oxen, and fatlings. This was when Adonijah attempted to make himself king of Israel in the place of his father David (I Kings 1 :9).

Meta. The sense life, with its wisdom, which is of the outer man of carnality (creeping, crawling, slippery, serpent). Adonijah's sacrificing sheep, oxen, and fatlings by this stone denotes the using of one's vitality, strength, and body substance to the furtherance of the sense life, or to the furtherance of the rule of the senses.

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