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Metaphysical meaning of Zion (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zion (mbd)
Zion, zi'–on (Heb.)--sunny; very dry; clear, i. e., unobstructed, sunshine; set up; placed; established; constituted; fortress; monument; column; landmark.

a A fortified hill that David took from the Jebusites. David built his palace there (II Sam. 5:7), and the place was called the city of David. The tent of meeting and the Ark of the Covenant were on Zion during David's reign (I Kings 8: 1); this i9 why it was called the "holy hill" (Psalms 2 :6). Later Zion became a part of the city of Jerusalem. b Zion as mentioned in many places in the Bible refers to the whole city of Jerusalem (as in Isa. 33 :20). c Zion is sometimes used as figurative of the Holy City, the New Jerusalem (Heb. 12:22).

Meta. Love's abode in the phase of the subjective consciousness where high, holy thoughts and ideals abide (clear, i. e., unobstructed, sunshine, sunny, set up, monument, fortress, landmark, a fortified hill, which later became a part of Jerusalem).

In referring to the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, Zion symbolizes spiritual consciousness.

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