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Metaphysical meaning of Ziliah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ziliah (mbd)
Ziliah, zil'–lah (Heb.)--deep; darkness; gloom; shadow; screened; veiled; protected.

A wife of Lamech who was descended from Cain. She was the mother of Tubal–Cain and of his sister Naamah (Gen. 4 :19).

Meta. A very great or dense obscurity of thought, regarding his true spiritual nature and capabilities, that exists in the soul of the individual who is still living wholly in the outer or sense consciousness (deep, darkness, / gloom, shadow, wife of Lamech, of the line of Cain). Lack of true and clear understanding, at this phase of unfoldment, is a protection to the individual (protected) in that it shields or screens him (screened) //from experiences that he is not yet able to meet, yet would have to face were it possible for the full light of Truth to enter his consciousness at this time. (See ZALMONAH for a more detailed explanation of this line of thought.)

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