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Metaphysical meaning of Zalmonah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zalmonah (mbd)
Zalmonah, zal–mo'–nah (Heb.)--giving shade; shady; shaded; sheltered; canopied; overcast.

A camping place of the Israelites in the wilderness (Num. 33 :41).

Meta. Divine protection from more intense light and heat, or spiritual illumination and inflow of life and energy, than the individual at this stage of his unfoldment Godward is able to apprehend, to assimilate, and to use rightly (giving shade, shaded, sheltered, canopied; a shade here signifying something that casts a shadow, a tree for instance, and under which one can gain protection from the direct rays of the sun when its heat and light are so intense as to cause discomfort).

The flaming sword that turned every way was placed, with the cherubim, at the east of the Garden of Eden to keep the way of the tree of life, so that Adam might not eat of it in his sinful state and so live forever in that condition; even so it is necessary that we go through a purification and a putting away of our sense beliefs so that we may attain fullness of life and understanding. This is good, because, if it were possible for us to attain to the fullness of Truth while clinging to the fleshly consciousness with its activities, we should bring upon ourselves utter destruction. While we are living in error thought, the very material is a protection to us in that only as we put it away and rise out of it is our consciousness opened to more light, to spiritual understanding. This illumination in turn enables us to overcome more negation; then a greater realization of the abundant Christ life comes to us, and so on, all the way to the complete putting on of the Christ. It is better, therefore, that we "grow" out of the old and into the new, out of the material and into the spiritual, than that we go the whole way in one great step, as many of us feel like doing.

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