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Metaphysical meaning of Zamzummim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zamzummim (mbd)
Zamzummim (A. V., Zamzummims), zam–zum'–mim (Heb.)--buzzes; hubbub; noises; noisy multitude; swarming rabble; barbarians.

An ancient race of giants. They were called Zamzummim by the Ammonites (Deut. 2:20); they are thought to have been the Zuzim of Genesis 14 :5.

Meta. Disorder, confusion, worries, fears, inharmony, the result of the rule of physical force, of vitality, of strength, in individual consciousness, without any restraining or refining influences whatever. (The meaning of Zamzummim is buzzes, hubbub noises, noisy multitude, swarming rabble, barbarians. These people were an ancient race of giants, who disappeared before the time of the Israelites. They gave place to the Ammonites, who dwelt in their land until they in turn were conquered by Israel.)

The Ammonites were enemies of the Israelites; they represent, among other things, "popular opinion." This is a very active restraining influence over brute force and strength. Man first begins to restrain himself, and to act in a more civilized manner, to a great extent because of what others may think and say, since he learns early to desire the good will of his friends and associates. Then as he gains a degree of refinement because of this and other human reasons (Ammonites), higher ideals come to him, until sooner or later he unfolds to the place wherein he is ready for true spiritual understanding and expression, which are here represented by the Israelites.

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