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Metaphysical meaning of Zachariah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zachariah (mbd)
Zachariah (A. V., Zacharias), zach–ari'–ah (Heb.)--Jehovah has penetrated; Jah is mindful; Jehovah has remembered; concentrating on Jehovah; memory of Jah; Jah is renowned; praise the Lord.

Son of Barachiah, a righteous man whom Jesus accused the Jewish people of having slain (Matt. 23 :35). Zechariah is the same name.

Meta. The significance is the same as that of Zacharias and Zechariah, spiritual consciousness (Jehovah has penetrated, Jehovah has remembered, concentrating on Jehovah, memory of Jah, Jah is renowned), or the entrance of spiritual thought into man's consciousness and a lifting up of spiritual understanding.

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