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Metaphysical meaning of Uphaz (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Uphaz (mbd)
Uphaz, u'-phaz (Heb.)--radiating light; pure gold; gold region.

A place from which pure gold was obtained (Jer. 10:9; Dan. 10:5). The word is thought to be a corruption of Ophir.

Meta. Pure substance as it is in the mind of God, and set apart from the adulterated thoughts of the carnal in man (gold region, pure gold). When this substance is appropriated to meet the needs of the outer man it carries the consciousness of riches, or opulence, and it manifests abundantly in apparently material ways. It is no longer purely spiritual, however, since more or less of the limited, personal, selfish, material thoughts and beliefs of the outer consciousness of the individual has been introduced into it. (See OPHIR.) The idea of spiritual understanding, actively expressing, is also contained in this word (radiating light).

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