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Metaphysical meaning of Tyrannus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tyrannus (mbd)
Tyrannus, ty-ran'-nus (Gk.)--tyrant; sovereign; ruling prince.

A man of Ephesus, in whose school Paul was "reasoning daily" for two years after they of the synagogue turned away from the Truth (Acts 19:9, 10).

Meta. The absolute ruling power of desire in the individual. Desire knows no restraint by law or custom, it works irresistibly toward expression (tyrant, sovereign, ruling prince, a man of Ephesus). Ephesus signifies desire, which is the central building faculty of the consciousness.

After Paul was forced to leave off preaching in the synagogue because of the resistance of the Jews, he continued for two years to reason daily in the school of Tyrannus. This signifies that the word of Truth continues to work in the spiritually awakening individual through his inner desires that truly long for the things of Spirit, even though the individual may for a time outwardly repudiate the higher messages of Truth because of his preconceived, formal, established religious beliefs' still holding so great a place in his thought.

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