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Metaphysical meaning of Trophimus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Trophimus (mbd)
Trophimus, troph'-i-mus (Gk.)--feeding; nourishing; instructing; fostering; educating; a foster child; nursing; anxious and tender care.

A Christian of Asia who accompanied Paul to Jerusalem and worked with him in the ministry (Acts 20:4). He was an Ephesian, and at the Temple in Jerusalem caused trouble for Paul in that the Jews thought that Paul defiled the Temple by bringing Greeks into it to worship (Acts 21:29). In II Timothy 4:20 Paul writes that he left Trophimus at Miletus sick.

Meta. A thought or expression of desire (Trophimus was an Ephesian, and Ephesus signifies desire) in individual consciousness. Desire, which often becomes recognized only by the outer, carnal phase of man's consciousness as it seeks expression in sense ways--especially is this the case in those who have not been really awakened to spiritual understanding--is believed by one's old established and formally religious ideas (Jews) not to be spiritual, and therefore to have no place in one's being (the Temple). But desire in man is fundamentally spiritual; it is the foundation quality of all growth and unfoldment, and when it expresses in the higher, spiritual understanding it is fed and supported by true spiritual life and substance. This is the significance of Trophimus (feeding, nourishing, a foster child, instructing, fostering, nursing, tender care).

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