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Metaphysical meaning of Tahath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tahath (mbd)
Tahath, ta'-hath (Heb.)--sunk down; settled; inclined backward; low; depressed; immersed; underneath; low condition; humility; in place of; substitution, place, station.

a A place where the Children of Israel camped when in the wilderness (Num. 33:26). b Son of Assir in descent from Kohath son of Levi (I Chron. 6:24). c Two men named in descent from Ephraim (I Chron. 7:20).

Meta. A lowly, humble, established, basic state of consciousness in which the higher, and truer, and more spiritual thoughts of the individual may rest when needful, while they are becoming positive enough and strongly enough established in Truth to enter upon the decided overcoming of error that is necessary in the redemption of the body (sunk down, low, like a corner stone or that which is underneath, settled, humility, station).

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