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Metaphysical meaning of Tabeel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tabeel (mbd)
Tabeel (in A. V., Isaiah 7:6, Tabeal), ta'-be-el (Heb.)--God is good; goodness of God; good God.

a One of those who wrote a letter to the king of Persia in an attempt to influence him against Jerusalem and the Jews (Ezra 4:7). b One whose son the king of Syria and the king of Israel purposed to make king of Judah upon their defeating Ahaz, Judah's king (Isa. 7:6).

Meta. Thoughts in the outer consciousness of man taking advantage of the goodness of God, or of the understanding that God is good. When the personal man lays hold of the idea of the goodness of God, or the allness of good, he uses it for building up and gratifying the lesser self, unless he has been thoroughly purified by the word of Truth and is under the dominion of the I AM.

Some persons who believe in and partly understand good as being the only reality still do not seek to lift themselves to the absolute good in all their thoughts and ways; they pronounce good every relative thing that pleases their selfish personal and fleshly man, and go on living in error and the pleasing of self. Such persons are fitting examples of the kind of thought activities that the men named Tabeel signify. They do not believe in really doing any overcoming of self, but work against the true lifting up of the individual.

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