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Metaphysical meaning of Taberah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Taberah (mbd)
Taberah, tab'-e-rah (Heb.)--feeding; consuming; burning; kindling; inflaming; place of feeding; place of burning.

A place in the wilderness, where the fire of Jehovah burned among the people of Israel because of their murmurings (Num. 11:3).

Meta. A day of judgment, or a time and place in consciousness wherein the individual meets the results of the error thoughts that he has been sowing, and a purification sets in (burning, place of burning; the "fire of Jehovah" is the purifying aspect of the divine presence of light and love, wherein much error and dross are consumed). Feeding and place of feeding suggest the entrance of thoughts of substance and Truth into consciousness to take the place of the errors that have been put away.

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