Metaphysical meaning of Shitrai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shitrai (mbd)
Shitrai, shit'-rai (Heb.)--engraver; scribe; writer; magistrate; prefect; director; inspector; extractor; gatherer of money; Jah is deciding; the Lord is administrator.

"The Sharonite" who was over the herds of King David that fed in Sharon (I Chron. 27:29).

Meta. The appropriation of substance ideas in consciousness (scribe, gatherer of money), through the attracting power of divine love (David); also a trust in Jehovah, the inner Christ, for direction, guidance, and sound judgment (director, Jah is deciding, the Lord is administrator). The herds for which Shitrai cared are the animal forces in man, or substance and life in the body consciousness. Sharon represents the rich substance of Spirit established in body consciousness.

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